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23-10-08, 14:39
I know I could do this the hard way, but is there anybody familiar with Ireland who could tell me which of these towns are in County Down, please? Only if you can say off the top of your head; I wouldn't want anybody to look them all up for me!

Slater's Commercial Directory of Ireland 1846 - Ulster (http://www.failteromhat.com/slateru.htm)

23-10-08, 14:47
off the top of my head: Belfast, Banbridge, Downpatrick, Dromore, Hillsborough, Newcastle, Newry, Rathfriland, Rostrevor, Saintfield, Warrenpoint

Wikipedia is quite a quick way of checking counties - just type in the name of the town and the county is normally in the first sentence.

For example: Saintfield - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saintfield)
"Saintfield (in Irish: Tamhnach Naomh, ie Field of Saints) is a market town located in mid-County Down, Northern Ireland, situated roughly halfway between Belfast and Downpatrick on the A7 road."

23-10-08, 14:51
Thanks, Sarah. I thought Belfast was in County Antrim, though?

23-10-08, 14:53
most of it is in Antrim but part is in Down.

County Antrim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/County_Antrim)
The majority of the capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast, is also in County Antrim, with the remainder being in County Down.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belfast_(Northern_Ireland_Parliament_constituencie s)
Belfast is the largest city and capital of Northern Ireland. It is partly located in County Antrim and partly in County Down

23-10-08, 14:56
Lisburn is also split between Antrim and Down, and Newry is split between Down and Armagh.

23-10-08, 14:57
Oh, right, thanks.

23-10-08, 15:42
Good to know Ireland is at least consistent in being impossible to research!:(

I'm leaving my Irish lot till I'm a bit more grown-up, in FH research terms!:o


23-10-08, 15:45
I found a list of towns in County Down and now I'm going through the ones I hadn't already looked at. I'm just trying to find OH's ancestor as I know he lived somewhere in County Down! At least there are quite a few muslin manufacturers listed, so it looks hopeful - but maybe he worked for one of them instead of having his own business in which case I don't think he will be listed.

23-10-08, 16:15
Kite, have you tried Ros Davies' site? She has a great collection of information in the Surnames section and adds to it regularly: front page (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~rosdavies/SURNAMES/Afrontpage.htm)
Also lots of information on places in Down: Townlands front page (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~rosdavies/PLACENAMES/AfrontPage.htm)

Raymond Kelly's site is also very good: http://www.raymondscountydownwebsite.com/html/index2.htm

23-10-08, 16:20
Peter J. Meaney's site is also worth a look, depending what part of Down they came from: Co Down Stuff (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~meaneypj/Co_Down_Stuff/Co_Down_Stuff.htm)

BigShaz McCreadie
23-10-08, 16:43




Can only mention these ones off the top of my head.

Actually Millisle is a village in Newtownards and there is also Groomsport but thats another village (in Bangor)

23-10-08, 17:52
Thanks, Shaz. I had already looked at those towns but thanks!

Sarah, I don't know what part of Down they came from - that's what I'm hoping to find out, lol!

24-10-08, 10:30
No luck in the surnames (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~rosdavies/SURNAMES/Afrontpage.htm) section on Ros Davies' site? for any possible clues as to where they might have come from? Of course that's probably only useful if it's a relatively uncommon name though.

24-10-08, 12:06
I don't think they originated from Ireland, Sarah - the name (Sloper) is very rare in Ireland. So I reckon they moved from England to Ireland and then back again a few generations later!
I've found a Margaret Sloper on Griffith's Valuation at Conlig, Bangor, County Down who I think might be the widow of Simon Sloper, and also I found a Simon Sloper at Donaghadee - but I don't think he's the right Simon because he is a farmer and has children getting married after OH's ancestors had moved to England, and OH's Simon was a muslin manufacturer / master weaver. But I'm sure they must be related somehow. Anyway, that surname list has a George Sloper at Bangor in 1798 who may be connected to them too, and I already had a note that a John Sloper was a freeholder in Bangor in 1790. Thanks for the tip.