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22-10-08, 20:32
I have been following the trail of my home child in Canada. I had found her first hubby in the WW1 Canada Soldiers database on the National Archives of Canada site but his records had not been uploaded. After waiting months I emailed them and got a response that they had not received funding to carry on with that project but he would scan and upload my guys info.

Today he sent me the attestation pages and said that in error the soldiers entire file had been scanned, did I want it free of charge!!!!!!!!!

So now on the way to me is his full service record on CD free of charge.

Am currently dancing in the air right now.

Its given me one little mystery, why did he claim to be a widower when wife was alive and well living in either Detroit or Toronto at the time.

So if you have an email you are thinking about sending to an archives or similar then send it, as you never know what you might get back.


Mary from Italy
22-10-08, 21:34
Brilliant. I got my father's 250-page WWII service record free from the Australian National Archives while they were testing out the digitisation system. And another file I asked for, they also sent me free of charge by post "because it's only two pages long".

Merry Monty Montgomery
22-10-08, 21:46
Well done George (and Mary!) - it pays to persevere!

I got lots of info about a relative who had been in an asylum from The Borthwick Institute- they even sent a photo of him - no charge - no reason given!!

Rachel Scand
22-10-08, 22:17
I got lots of info about a relative who had been in an asylum from The Borthwick Institute- they even sent a photo of him - no charge - no reason given!!

erm .... might they have seen your avatar ?

Merry Monty Montgomery
22-10-08, 22:27
erm .... might they have seen your avatar ?

lolol!! :D

That hadn't occurred to me!!!

Val wish Id never started
22-10-08, 22:34
is that a slug Merry ????????

Merry Monty Montgomery
22-10-08, 22:37
is that a slug Merry ????????

How dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek::eek:


That is Roz from Monsters Inc. and she would be very cross if you suggested she looks remotely like a slug :(:D

Uncle John
22-10-08, 22:41
I agree with Val.

23-10-08, 12:14
I emailed the Perth Library to see if they had a particular record and got a photocopy of it for nothing. I then said can I push my luck and got another record I needed as well. Attached was a note that if I was unhappy with the quality of the photocopy I could get a better scanned copy but I would have to pay for it. However the photocopy was perfect.

Uncle John
23-10-08, 12:51
When I had trouble reading a Canadian census return I emailed the folk in Saskatchewan. They sent me a lovely scan of the page for nothing, but unfortunately the enumerator's writing was atrocious. But they also filled in a lot of detail about his farming career from land records.

Val and George
24-10-08, 01:50
Which just goes to show - 'if you don't ask - you don't get'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So nice to hear of good stories like these