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Tom Tom
16-10-08, 18:59

Catherine Ayre married Thomas Kidger on the 29th November 1792 in Coleorton, Leicestershire.

Thomas died in June 1837 in Ashby De La Zouch and was buried in Coleorton, Leicestershire. Thomas was born c1771.

Catherine died on 2 June 1853 in Coleorton, and was buried there. Her death was registered by Sarah Stanley (unknown who she is).

Now... I do not know if this group of people are connected at all. I would have thought they must be :confused:

The following info was taken from a gravestone in Ashby De La Zouch Cemetery.

Joseph Kidger Born 13 Feb 1800 Died 9 April 1882
Anne Kidger Born 1 August 1801 Died 27 August 1883
Louisa Sarah Kidger Died 24 July 1911
Emily Mary Kidger Died 28 March 1927
Katherine Ayre Kidger Born 19 May 1848 Died 12 May 1878
Mary Edith Kidger Died 25 February 1927

Catherine and Thomas didn't have any children of their own so I wondered if fresh eyes could see the connection :confused:

Thanks for looking :)

Elaine ..Spain
16-10-08, 19:05
There is a tree on Ancestry which has both Thomas and Joseph.
It appears that Joseph is the son of ThomasĀ“ brother William.
Tree name: lntms family

Tom Tom
16-10-08, 19:09
I never think of looking on there Elaine :confused:

Thanks - will have to go and have a look :)

Merry Monty Montgomery
16-10-08, 19:17
From the 1861 census Katherine is the dau of Joseph and Ann who are aged 61 and 59 at that date, so would appear to be the first two in your list.

Merry Monty Montgomery
16-10-08, 19:20
The other three on the grave are the siblings of Katherine.

Tom Tom
16-10-08, 19:21
I don't think I worded that particularly well Merry. sorry :o

I was trying to work out the connection between that family on the gravestone and Thomas and Catherine.


Merry Monty Montgomery
16-10-08, 19:45
Oh! No idea, sorry! lol

Granny Lynne
16-10-08, 21:09
I think Elaine has answered your question hasn't she?
Joseph is the nephew of Thomas & Catherine.

Tom Tom
16-10-08, 21:23
Yes Lynne, it looks like it but I am not sure. That tree on ancestry looks quite patchy; I have contacted the owner to discuss it. :)

16-10-08, 21:33
looks like joseph & Ann had quite a few offspring ( IGI Baps)

Granny Lynne
16-10-08, 22:25
Good luck, let us know if you get a reply.