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Sue from Southend
15-10-08, 17:41
I've posted about this James Butcher before :o but at the risk of boring you completely will try again!

Born in Thatcham Berks, 1807, James married in Lambeth and lived in Lambeth/Southwark from 1841 onwards. He was a Licensed Victualler. In 1881he is in Southwark living with his daughter and her family. There's no trace in 1891. I have a death certificate for a James Butcher, Retired Licensed Victualler on Boxing Day 1885 in Wimbledon and the death was registered by a J. Olley of the same address. I've found a will giving James own address as Worcester Park (visiting a friend for Christmas?) but inconsiderately leaving all his wordly goods (£28) to John Olley. He was buried at Wimbledon Cemetery and Carolyn P has kindly checked it out for me and it was in a common grave so there's no headstone etc giving names of other family members:(

Checking back through the census I've found John Olley in the Lambeth area who quite possibly could have known James ....

Is there anything I've missed that I could do to determine whether this James is mine?

15-10-08, 17:49
Is there an age given for James Butcher on the death cert? When was the will written? Have you checked the address in Worcester Park in 1891 to see who's living there?

15-10-08, 18:11
If I have found the right James Butcher in 1881 living with the May family he is down as married/no occupation. Have you tried checking out the Worcester Park address in 1881?

15-10-08, 18:24
You could look in the local papers for the area to see if a death notice or report of his funeral was published.

Merry Monty Montgomery
15-10-08, 18:29
Have you considered this death?

Deaths Dec 1884
Butcher James 78 Islington 1b 160

I can't find a James in Islington district in 1881 so whoever the death is for, it's likely to be someone who moved into the area after 1881.

Sue from Southend
15-10-08, 19:32
Sorry folks - had to cook dinner!

Age on death cert is 80 - two years out but as the death was registered by a friend I'm making allowances!

There are no Butchers living in the Worcester Park address in 1881.

The May family that he is living with in 1881 is definitely his daughter and her husband.

Hadn't thought of local papers, Kite Runner! will check that out.

I have the certificate for the Islington death, Merry and it's not him. The death was registered by a son that my James didn't have!

Thanks for all the input!