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13-10-08, 13:53
Hi Guys
I need some views on what the census says.

England 1881 Annie Lee brn 1875 Westminster r.g.11/116 scehdule no 162

She is living with John Lee Lodger and Joseph Lee son. What do you think she is..there is a squiggle before Daur. I suspect it's G. Maybe grand daughter.
I am having trouble finding birth records for Joseph and Annie.

Elaine ..Spain
13-10-08, 14:40
Difficult to see, but looking at the ages it's possible that Annie and Joseph are John's grandchildren.

Merry Monty Montgomery
13-10-08, 14:50
Hmmmmm.....John is 54 I think. On the following census Annie is 16 and her father Henry is 51, so he can't be the son of John who would only be 64 (well, I suppose it could be just about possible, if their ages are a bit out! lol)

You might need to see if I'm looking at the same Annie both times (lol) and also go back and see what children John had.

Anne in Carlisle
13-10-08, 14:51
I would agree with Elaine. It seems likely that Annie and Joseph, the children are grandchildren of Joseph senior. It looks more like Grd than anything else (eg step)


Anne in Carlisle
13-10-08, 14:56
Hmmmm! Just been looking on FamilySearch and it was transcribed as 'Lodger's daughter'. I guess that is also a possibility!!

Its yonks since I looked at the 1881 census that way - what a pain it used to be!!!


15-10-08, 11:15
Thanks all.
I have looked back and traced John Lee also down as Jacob Lee (profession and place of birth are the same). My problem is finding Annie and Joseph's parents. Joseph's war records have next of kin Jacob Lee in the Chelsea infirmary. Although his age seems to change abit from each census he always remains a plasterer so I think I have the right man. Later the war records show Jacob crossed out and Annie Lee written in.
Jacob had 4 children (2 boys,2 girls) I suspect one of the girls is Joseph and Annie's mum.The children being born under her married name which is why I cannot find them born as Lee's.I have tried ordering a few married certs for one of the daughters but as yet have come up blank. Anyone got any ideas how I can find Joseph and Annie's birth records?

Merry Monty Montgomery
15-10-08, 12:06
Hi Nichola, did you have a look at Annie Lee in 1891? Maybe it's not the same person??

17-10-08, 10:05
I have tried to find both Joseph and Annie in 1891 but cannot find them. Jacob Lee is in the St Georges Union Workhouse,he died there in 1898. From Josephs war records he enlisted 1894-1902. Jacob was listed as his father then it's crossed out and Anne Lee,11 Grosvnor Crescent?,London is written in. Therefore Annie was still a Lee in 1891. Joseph was in the militia prior to enlisting so he could have been anywhere.
I know so much about Joseph except his parentage!! Also his marriage cert gave nothing as it was in S.Africa and gave few details.

Merry Monty Montgomery
17-10-08, 14:27
I have tried to find both Joseph and Annie in 1891 but cannot find them.

So, this one is a different Annie?

On the following census Annie is 16 and her father Henry is 51

17-10-08, 15:40
I think its a different Annie. For Annie to be Jacob/John's grand daughter Henry would need to be his son. I know Jacob/John had four children William,George,Mary and Matilda.
Lost cause I think. At least some agree the census of 1881 says grand daughter.
Should I give up or does anyone have some ideas where I should look next.