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Val wish Id never started
13-10-08, 12:03
Anglo-Jewish Miscellanies (http://www.jeffreymaynard.com/)
dont know if this is available in the WIKI if so please remove it thanks

Christine in Herts
13-10-08, 15:10
This looks potentially very useful to me in my researches for my niece's paternal tree. :D Thank you!


Little Nell
13-10-08, 18:55
This is full of little gems and I found several of my husband's Jewish branch this way.

Val wish Id never started
14-10-08, 10:42
bumping this up for anybody that missed it

Christine in Herts
21-10-08, 17:52
This link has just been steered into my knowledge, and I thought it might be useful for others. I had a quick look in the Wiki, but may not have used the right search term to find it.

A JEWISH TELEGRAPH NEWSPAPER - Manchester Leeds Liverpool Glasgow (http://www.jewishtelegraph.com/)

Click on ROOTS in the RH menu.

It provides both a set of trying-to-find messages (with the odd interesting article thrown in) and an opportunity to add your own.