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11-10-08, 17:44
Okay I'm back on Google Books trying to track the Latilla family of Naples to see if I can establish a link to my 6 x great grandmother Syvlia Unknown.

(for anyone who can't remember I found an obit for a duaghter of Sylvia saying her paternal grandfather was DON NICOLA LATILLA finance minister to Ferdinand King of Naples)

If anyone's Italian is better than mine (which is non existant) could I get some translation help please:

Latilla Nicola— zio di Gaet. Latilla— 227.
Latilla Silvia— sorella di Gaet. Latilla— 227.
Laura — ispiratrice di Dante — 32.
Laurito Monforte— duca— 43,

It probably doesn't make sense in ENglish but I'm straw clutching
Thanks in advance


Little Nell
11-10-08, 17:58
Google translates zio as uncle so first bit is
Nicola Latilla, uncle of Gaetano Latilla

sorella is isster
ispiratrice is inspiration of Dante

duca is Duke.

So if you can trace your roots back to an inspirer of Dante, you are doing well!

Gaetano is a popular Italian name and I think its a version of Gaius, a Latin name very popular with the Imperial Roman family.

11-10-08, 18:05
Google translates zio as uncle so first bit is
Nicola Latilla, uncle of Gaetano Latilla

Hmmm - Thank You!!! - that's a spanner in the works though as Gateano Latilla was born in 1711 in Naples and if Nicola is his uncle he may be a bit too old to be the father of my Sylvia who was born in 1782.

Although Gaetano has a sister called SYlvia who is the mother of Niccolo Piccinni

Gaetano and Niccolo were both opera writers so they're along the right lines to be mine but then again everyone in Naples could have written opera for all I know.

Worryingly there is a Pasquale Latilla in Naples who appears to have been a pal of Casanova!!!

Little Nell
11-10-08, 18:09
Yes, but at least Gaetano and Pasquale make a change from Thomas and John!!!

11-10-08, 18:13
until they move to England and they'll become George and Paul

Little Nell
11-10-08, 18:20

susan h
11-10-08, 19:03
Or, Guy, and Easter (Pasquale means easter in Italian and is a male version of 'our' name Esther)

11-10-08, 19:31
okay - new challenge for you all

Is there a connection between Gaetano Latilla the composer (1711 - 1788) and Gaetano Latilla who marries Julie Richet at St Mary Le Strand in 1807?

Little Nell
11-10-08, 21:03
Is the one who married Julia the one who later married Clara Earle 31 May 1835, or is that Gaetano their son?

Little Nell
11-10-08, 21:04
I suppose the time fits with the 1807 husband being son of the composer. But you'd need to find the baptism.

11-10-08, 21:20
I've not figured out if they're the same person yet Nell, I'm getting all confused today, brain definitely still short about 8 hours sleep this week.

I've got distracted going forward with the Noel family to see if they keep throwing in Italian sounding names

Little Nell
11-10-08, 21:28
I was counting on the one who married Clara being around in 1841, but there are 4 Gaetanos and none of them seem likely.

Little Nell
11-10-08, 21:31
Curiously, Pallot's has the 1835 marriage:
Clara Earle Jactane Latilla 1835 St. Pancras
as well as having him as Gaetano.

Little Nell
11-10-08, 21:34
They have the Julia Richet on Pallot's too, as well as
Maria Latilla marriage in St Marylebone All Saints to John Strange 1815,
and the same or a different Maria Latilla same church in 1832 to Hy. Fradelle and
Harriott Goodwin Eugenius Latilla 1831 same church.

So this Marylebone lot may be connected to the Strand lot, or not.

Trudy Latilla
04-01-09, 21:07
Hi Zoe

I am probably no help to you as I am new at this game but my Dad was a Latilla one of a family of 8. He sadly is dead now but his ancestors came across from Naples to help paint the Brighton Pavilion.

I will be trying to track back but it seems as though there are many in Italy so may be a slow job.