View Full Version : Is there someone who could please do a census check for me?

Bethanys Gran
08-10-08, 14:42
I'd be really grateful. This is not my family, but I'm helping a friend in the US!

Could some very kind person please have a look at the 1891 and 1901 census please? (I've looked at the 1881).

I'm looking for the family of Isaiah Clayton, his wife Sarah and their children. Isaiah was born in Shropshire and Sarah and the children in Staffordshire. They were living in Rushall, Staffs, in 1881.

Very many grateful thanks.


Bethanys Gran
08-10-08, 14:54
Thanks Julie - you really are a star! :D Given the speed you work at - you're more of a shooting star!;)

Chris c

08-10-08, 15:01
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08-10-08, 15:02
with apologies , I had forgotten the rules

Bethanys Gran
08-10-08, 15:09
Phew - lucky I peeped first. Thanks anyway Julie - sorry for inciting you to break the rules!!