View Full Version : Can anyone find George in 1851 please

05-10-08, 15:43
Can anyone find George Ball in 1851 please.

This is him in 1841
Class HO107 Piece 998 Book3 Civil parish Sedgley. Folio 9 Page 11.

He marries in Sedgley in 1858, so should be around on 1851c. l have a christening for him in 1838

Elaine ..Spain
05-10-08, 15:47
Any idea when he was born. 1841 gives age not known!

05-10-08, 15:48
Round about 1838 Elaine l think

Elaine ..Spain
05-10-08, 15:50
There is a George Ball, with mother Sarah, living in Sedgley
HO107; Piece: 2031; Folio: 105; Page: 4

- but no idea if it's the right one!

Have you got his marriage certificate - any idea of occupation - any siblings etc?

05-10-08, 15:53
His parents were David b.1811,and Mary b.1816. Siblings David b.1836, Matthew b. 1839 and William b. 1840 to name a few.

Elaine ..Spain
05-10-08, 15:54
Have you found any of them in 1851, or is it just George that is missing.

05-10-08, 15:57
Cant find any of them. There is a brother John b. 1835 who l have found with grandparents. The father David Ball was a hawker

Elaine ..Spain
05-10-08, 16:13
Struggling to find them.
Have you found the parents in 1861 - just so we know for sure they were still alive in 1851!
Do you know of any other children born between 1841 and 1851?

Elaine ..Spain
05-10-08, 16:24
Sorry Pam, not having much luck I am afraid.

05-10-08, 16:51
Thanks for trying Elaine. I shall have to put them on the backburner again:D