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Val wish Id never started
02-10-08, 19:58
I am amazed to see an article from Tom Wood saying somebody had got a copy of a death cert where it says Cause of Death ??? Decay of Nature , and he (Tom)had never heard of it before ?? well I have .

Margaret in Burton
02-10-08, 20:11
I have that on a death cert lots of times. Visitation of God is another strange one.

Helen Smith Too
02-10-08, 20:21
Quick look shows I have 3 with that - all from the mid 1850s. Must have been the 'in thing':)

Mary from Italy
02-10-08, 20:58
Yes, those are quite common causes of death. Who's Tom Wood?

Val wish Id never started
02-10-08, 21:03
he writes in the magazine Mary

Tom Tom
02-10-08, 21:21
I have loads of death certs with that on, as well as decline and old age!

Olde Crone Holden
02-10-08, 22:30
Yup, me too!


02-10-08, 23:04
I have that on a death cert lots of times. Visitation of God is another strange one.

Margaret I've actually got this within my family. The Parish records records one of my ancestors burial aged 67 about 9 months after his wife. Next to date it says buried by order after inquest by jury - finding that deceased demise due to visitation of God whilst in chair.

Val wish Id never started
02-10-08, 23:29
hello Dave nice to see you , I love these old terms they used.

03-10-08, 08:41
well, my ancestors so far just have complex medical terms!! so far, the weirdest one was from overeating!!

03-10-08, 09:32
My 4xgrt grandmother died from "general decay", poor old thing, in 1838 in her eighties.

I've been reading some newspapers from the 1840s, and any unexplained but natural looking death that has warranted an inquest, is recorded as "by visitation of God", which has a lovely ring to it. Another interesting thing that comes out of these inquest reports in the newspapers, is the number of deaths by burning for young children playing too near to the fire, or for old people dropping off in front of the fire.

Val wish Id never started
03-10-08, 15:10
how awful Georgette, I read on Theoldbailey online of a woman who threw her baby onto the fire as soon as she had given birth to it .

03-10-08, 16:39
Oh! That is sad, Val :o
On a lighter note, I also read about a baby boy being born on the steps of the Bank of England and a gentleman describing the wonderful white flowers on his rosebush at the end of October and praising the south of England's clement climate - he wasn't worried about global warming :D