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Jeanie with one n.
02-10-08, 16:02
For some time i have been contacting people via ancestry and getting no response.
They can't all be rude!!
I also tick the send me a copy of my email and thats not working. Have contacted ancestry and they admit that the copy thing is having probs.
Could someone kindly let me have a name, preferably slightly unusual so that I can find it, and the name of their tree on ancestry.
I will then test the system by sending a message and if you reply via ancestry that too will test it.
Many thanks in advance

02-10-08, 16:07
You can do my Alonzo Crawshaw Siddle if you like. I'm down as StarryEyed500 I think. I'm not sure if he comes up as Crawshaw or Siddle though lol

Jeanie with one n.
02-10-08, 16:13
Many thanks Tracy,
Off to give it a try.

Jeanie with one n.
02-10-08, 16:21
Is he on the private or public tree?
Can't find him on either, i'm afraid.

02-10-08, 16:24
Sorry, hold on I'll check.

Yes, he's private.
Here's the link; http://trees.ancestry.co.uk/pt/person.aspx?pid=-1070050742&tid=7573361&ssrc=

Jeanie with one n.
02-10-08, 16:38
Hi Tracy,
I must go and start tea.
Will look in later.
Thanks for your help. I have had probs searching for people on ancestry trees before.

02-10-08, 16:40
When searching for a name, does it always put their surname in the Father's name too? mine does. I have to delete it to find the ones I want. Alonzo doesn't have a Siddle father lol

Jeanie with one n.
02-10-08, 16:41
Have just sent you message via ancestry. Sorry, hadn't noticed the link.
However, he wasn't coming up on the search!!

02-10-08, 16:42
I got it :)

Jeanie with one n.
02-10-08, 16:48
Many thanks, could you reply via ancestry to see if that bit works?
Many thanks

02-10-08, 16:49
I did :)

Jeanie with one n.
02-10-08, 16:57
Haven't received it. That must be where the problem is.
Will contact ancestry after tea.
Many thanks again