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jean banaszak
01-10-08, 20:00
I am still searching for my grandfather, I have been led to believe that he was born in edinburgh castle approx 1894, where his father was a gamekeeper, a very kind person tried to find him for me today at edinburgh gro but with no luck. I have his discharge papers from the army, I am told they moved to liverpool/manchester but at what age I dont know, he was in the manchester regiment where he was discharged due to disability. any help as to where to look now would be appreciated.


Little Nell
01-10-08, 20:15
Have you found him in 1901 census? Have you looked for his army service records? What was his name? Do you have any clues from certificates?

jean banaszak
01-10-08, 20:31
I cant find him on either the 1901 census for scotland or england. I have his discharge paper he was in the training reserve, manchester regt. and I have his marriage certificate. his name is william herbert dempster born approx 1894 supposedly in edinburgh, his father also called william was born approx 1860. he uses his full name on the discharge paper but only his name william on his marriage certificate. he enlisted at seaforth in 1916.

sorry for the delay, been trying to find out what something said on the discharge paper.


Christine in Herts
01-10-08, 20:44
This guy knows a great deal about military matters, but the dates you mention look a bit later than his usual territory:
Asplin Military History Resources (http://hometown.aol.co.uk/KevinAsplin/home.html)

I have seen a lot of really favourable accounts of his work.


jean banaszak
01-10-08, 20:50
thanks christine, Ill take a look see.


fiona c
01-10-08, 21:06
Wonder if this could be your William b.1894, no father with them and he's visting a Davidson family with mother Robina and sister Mary.

1901 census England

RG13; Piece: 4847; Folio: 155; Page: 7

Who were the witnesses on his marriage certificate.

jean banaszak
01-10-08, 21:34
the witnesses were a sarah and william billing whitehead. he got married in isleworth, middx. according to the marriage certificate his father is still living working as a gardener.

I have tried looking for the witnesses but cant find them either.