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29-09-08, 15:52
has anyone subscribed to this site, and has it been helpful? I am now at the stage where I've exhausted the census and BMD records, and need to look at parish records, but obviously I don't want to fork out more money for yet another site if it isn't going to help me.
Has this site been helpful to any you? My alternative is to go to Grimsby, Lincoln and Yorkshire etc. to find the info I need... a bit of a trek from the South coast.

many thanks

29-09-08, 15:59
Jules, you should check the list of what parishes they cover and what years before subscribing. I believe that most of their parish records come from transcriptions (bother, can't think of the name! Sure someone else will say what it is, though) which you might be able to get elsewhere cheaper.

A couple of things to bear in mind if you do subscribe - they keep a careful watch on what their members are looking up and if they think you are doing lookups for anyone other than yourself they may charge you extra or ban you from using their site. Also you have to make sure to cancel your sub in plenty of time before its annual renewal is due if you don't want to renew.

29-09-08, 16:12
If you are Kent-Sussex-Hants, it would be worth looking at the Society of Genealogists library catalogue, to see what records they hold. They have a vast collection of original records on film/fiche, transcriptions, monumental inscriptions, published books, pedigrees etc etc etc

29-09-08, 16:20
Hi Jules,

you could always check out the FHS websites and see what/if they have any Pr's available on cd.

I know that "some" FHS' do this and have purchased said cd's.

Also perhaps if the place in question has an Online Parish Clerk (OPC) they may be able to help with information that you are unable to get to at this time due to the distance.


Mary from Italy
29-09-08, 16:34
Your best bet is to contact your local LDS centre; you can order microfilms to read on their readers for a nominal fee.

Elaine ..Spain
29-09-08, 16:50
Don't forget to check on the County pages in our Wiki (Reference Library) in case there are some freebie sites that you may have overlooked.

England - County pages (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/England)

30-09-08, 12:32
thank you everyone, that was very helpful. Much appreciated.

10-11-08, 21:02
Hi ..I have a couple of discs that cover Grimsby ..Marriages 1837/1960ish and Buriels 1889 /1960ish
If I can help....I will

Little Nell
10-11-08, 21:54
I did take out some short subs on The Genealogist - it ate my credits at an alarming rate and didn't tell me very much.

You can probably find what you want elsewhere.

Harrys mum
11-11-08, 05:38
Just checking the same thing.

I'm interested in the Non-Parochial BMDs and wondering about a month's sub for The Genealogist, rather than pay for each download from the BMD site.

11-11-08, 09:33
Not sure if you can take out just one month's sub but it would be worth checking.

Chrissy Confused
11-11-08, 10:52
I would just like to say, I had a sub with the genealogist site, all be it by mistake ( I clicked the wrong button) but in saying that I had it for a year, did numerous lookup for myself and others and when only having a week left I unsubcribed with no trouble what so ever!

The reason for leaving was I got all the info I could from the site and had a very nice messages from them when I left.

Harrys mum
11-11-08, 11:01
KiteRunner.............I don't think you can, ahving looked again. It seems to be a 6 month sub is the only one for credit free images.

I've sent them an email and if I can get what they have without paying any more, I'll try it for six months as they have afew things Ancestry doesn't.

If I can get the BMDs that will pay for itself without anything else. I want 25 images at 2 pounds 50 each.

Chrissy...that makes me feel better.

Uncle John
11-11-08, 11:40
Someone put up a link to the non-parochial BMD site recently. Among my Gloucestershire lot I found only one bap., which I'd already found on the IGI.

11-11-08, 11:46
The thing is, though, you may find baptisms or births on there which are also on the IGI, but on the "BMD Registers" site you can view the original image, which may or may not have more info than is on the IGI. Sometimes you get grandparents' names, occupations, residence and all sorts!

Uncle John
11-11-08, 11:51
Interesting, but not just for one entry even if he is my great-grandfather.

11-11-08, 11:54
You don't have to subscribe to look at one entry - you can just buy a few credits.

Harrys mum
11-11-08, 18:58
Just had an email back from The Genealogist.

If I buy the "credit free" option which seems to be Personal Premium, I can view the full records or the original images and print them off for free. Plus have access to all their other records.

I have a couple of the original images already and the info on them makes them very worthwhile (three generations plus witnesses and their relationships).

If I get the six month sub it is 39 pounds 95. If I use the Official BMD site and buy credits, it will be 62 pounds 50 without having access to any other records.

Now....off to beg for an early Christmas pressie....lol