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28-09-08, 16:35
Any help please,im looking for a Charles Miller Burtt in 1841,he was born in Middlesex,Clerkenwell about 1819.
He married in 1841 West London,1st Qtr to Mary Ann Healey,1851 census he was in 4,Caledonian Cottages,Hackney,a Book Clasper.
His father was Thomas Burtt and mother Elizabeth Miller,any help would be great,i have tried,but without any luck,Dave.

Little Nell
28-09-08, 17:02
No luck with census so far, but IGI has his marriage to Mary Ann, 10 FEB 1841 Saint Bride Fleet St, London
batch # M022421 (http://www.familysearch.org/eng/search/igi/search_igi.asp?batch_number=M022421&region=2)

Since 1841 census was taken at the beginning of June, he should be with Mary Ann on census somewhere. Off for another trawl.

Little Nell
28-09-08, 17:07
I can't find him in 1851 either, do you have the reference?

fiona c
28-09-08, 17:12
Think this is the 1851. I can't see them in 1841.

HO107; Piece: 1504; Folio: 88; Page: 50

Little Nell
28-09-08, 17:21
Yes I found it msyelf just now, thanks Fiona.

I was looking for any children who might have been born very soon after the marriage, but Charles junior is a respectable 9.

I see the next household has Thomas Burt ironmonger with wife Mary, presumably Charles Miller Burt/t's parents.

fiona c
28-09-08, 17:30
You mean James Burt, think this is him in 1841, Ironmonger but not much help as he's not got any family with him. Maybe he was an uncle.

HO107; Piece 700; Book: 2; Folio: 16; Page: 27

Little Nell
28-09-08, 17:34
Do I? I stand corrected. I'm not having much success anyway, finding them, sorry. I think I need to stop and have a cuppa. Hope someone else is able to help Dave.

fiona c
28-09-08, 17:40
There's this couple transcribed as Brett but Charles is a Green Grocer. Can't see the name on the image too clearly to decide if it could be Burtt.

HO107; Piece 659; Book: 10; Folio: 20; Page: 32

fiona c
28-09-08, 17:45
No forget the Brett couple they're still around in 1851 unfortunatly. Sorry I'm not having any luck.

HO107; Piece: 1517; Folio: 317; Page: 41

Christine in Herts
28-09-08, 18:31
None of my favourite tricks has wheedled them out, either. Sorry.


28-09-08, 19:56
There are some parts of 1841 census missing. One is for Hersham, Surrey where I KNOW my GGG grandparents were :(
Maybe your Burtts were in one of the missing areas. In Middlesex, the parishes of St Luke, Paddington and part of Kensington are missing.

28-09-08, 21:18
Hi thanks for that marriage,i never had the exact place,so thanks,i see that someone else found the 1851 census,and i also never noticed the James Burtt so something to lok into,so many thanks for your help,Dave.

28-09-08, 21:21
Thanks for looking Fiona,realy kind of you,ive now got to find who this James Burtt is

28-09-08, 21:22
Thanks the info on the missing bits of the 1841 census,Dave.

28-09-08, 21:24
Thanks Christine,ive also tried lots of differant name variations,but thanks,Dave