View Full Version : Help with cropping please.

Jean and Tonic
27-09-08, 18:06
Can anyone please tell me how I can crop a photograph in Photoshop to exactly the size I want?

I've always had a heck of a problem.... I want to crop four photographs exactly the same size.

What I've been doing is cropping, saving .. then checking the image size ... until I get it right.

I end up with loads of photographs ,......... there must be an easy way in a program like photoshop .... but I always do everything the hard way!!!!!!!



27-09-08, 18:52
Hi Jean,

I'm not sure if this is what you mean, and it will depend on which version of Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements) you're using, but in Photoshop Elements 6, once you click on the Crop tool button, you can select an Aspect Ratio from the tool options above the image. So you could select the same aspect ratio for each pic. Alternatively you can enter whatever values you want in the height and width boxes

I don't see the same aspect ratio option in Photoshop 7, but you can enter numbers in the height and width boxes above the image. So, for example, entering 6 for width and 4 for height (or vice versa) is the same as applying a 4x6 aspect ratio, and you could enter the same height and width for each picture to ensure that they have the same aspect ratio.

Jean and Tonic
27-09-08, 20:21
Sorry Cloggie, I went to watch Strictly ...... thankyou so much .... I have Photoshop 6 and the crop tool doesn't give that option ... only crop or cancel. I've not used the aspect ratio before ..... infact there's quite alot of things in Photoshop I've not used... but I'll give that a try.
The way I've been doing it is quite ridiculous.

I want to crop four photographs (square) of one of my grandchildren to put them together in a frame (without mounts) ..... to make a bigger square .....if you can understand that.

They all have to be the same size........ right... I'll have a go.

thinking about it ... it might have been easier to cut them to size, after I print them.