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Lynn The Forest Fan
26-09-08, 20:11
Last month I ordered 2 wills from York, I know that they have received my letter as the cheque has been cashed, but a month later, no wills :( The site says that they aim to supply copies in 21 working days, so they are not really late yet.
On Saturday, I asked for estimates for copies of 2 documents at the national Archives, I was told they would take upto 10 working days & so far they have had 5. :(

In both cases I was hoping that I would hear back sooner than the time given, but obviously not. I hate waiting

Jill on the A272
26-09-08, 22:23
Hope the wait proves fruitful, maiden aunts wills are my favourites as they leave small bequests & name their nieces by their married names. I've waited a good 5 weeks for York, I'm lucky in that I'm only 50 mins by train from London so can pop in to the Holborn office and get them within an hour.

Lynn The Forest Fan
26-09-08, 22:30
One of the wills is of hubby's gg aunt who left a lot of money to her brother his great grandfather. I am hoping that she left money to other rellies so I can trace them. The other is for my great grandfather, who wasn't nearly as well off. I have heard of wills taking months, so will just have to be aptient, but it is hard. :(

Lynn The Forest Fan
27-09-08, 14:06
No news on my estimates, but I did receive my wills today. Sadly they both left everything to one person & so haven't given me much information. One had the will maker's original signature & the other one was made nearly 30 years before his death & included his brother as a witness, giving hs address, this brother was killed in the 1st WW.

Hopefully I will get more joy when I eventually get my document estimates

27-09-08, 15:20
And I thought I was badly off when Holborn kept me waiting for 2 1/2 hours! Sorry the wills didn't give you as much as you'd hoped for.

One of my rellies, the wonderfully named Stirges Christmas Jarvis, died young. His widow remarried and I knew from the original will being offered for sale on the internet (for £15!) that she mentioned him, though not by name, in her will.

When I read it, she was simply stating that if possible she should be buried with SCJ - she clearly did not want to moulder till eternity anywhere near her second husband! An interesting comment, but alas no new info on my family whatsoever.

Lynn The Forest Fan
28-09-08, 08:16
I had hoped that they might detail what had been left, but as it was all going to the same person, they didn't need to. :( One of them did state thatshe wished to be buried with her husband, so at least I know where she was buried.

Lynn The Forest Fan
01-10-08, 08:15
I am still waiting for my estimates from TNA, this is day 8 of the 10 working days they said it could take, hopefully not much longer :(