View Full Version : Can Anyone Date This

24-09-08, 21:10
This must be before 1918 as the principal person in the photo died that year.
Any comments most welcome.


Just Barbara
25-09-08, 11:46
Your super photo complete with catholic priest in the front ( was he a relative?) dates from about 1909, fashions had changed dramatically by 1918. Hope this helps.

25-09-08, 13:34
Hi Barbara, He is the Bishop of Marlborough and Dean of Exeter. Yes he is a relation. Does anybody out there have any idea as to the other people in the pic. Do you think they could be family? All comments most welcome.

26-09-08, 10:07
Titanic era fashions, I'd agree 1908-1913 latest.

15-10-08, 15:53
early 1900,s brenda xxx

17-10-08, 16:33
1910...........Your Bishop is centre stage of this photo but he dosen't look very relaxed. There are no children so I doubt it's a wedding or christening,they aren't sad generally so not a funeral. Maybe it was his first service at the church?