View Full Version : Vista !! new updates every day

Val wish Id never started
23-09-08, 14:02
Is everybody who has a Vista pc getting new updates every day ???? I am , and it seems unusual

23-09-08, 14:15
Yes Val, i have been getting them....

tbh its not really a bad thing, better to get these small incremental updates regularly than have to download a damned great huge one every 3 months or so

Val wish Id never started
23-09-08, 14:34
thanks Grimsqueaker just seemed like an awful lot, the same thing is happening on XP too seem to be getting lots of upddates lately .

Margaret N
23-09-08, 17:41
Hi Val, I am still here........ I too get so many Vista downloads but I have switched off the automatic system and select from the list once a week. I used to take everything that came and after the size of that download earlier in the year when it nearly wrecked some PC's. I was advised to look through the options that they offer to download not sure that I always get the correct ones but they do tell you the important ones.

Val wish Id never started
23-09-08, 20:23
I know what you mean Margaret but so far so good.