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23-09-08, 00:49
Name Henry Playford born c1840 in Docking Norfolk
Wife Fanny born c1840

They married Dec qtr 1861
I have 1881 image with a son (William) and they are on 1901 with another son Cyril.

Can someone find them on 1871 and 1891 to see if any other children?


Harrys mum
23-09-08, 01:29

Henry and Fanny have three children

Hannah b 1863
James b 1864
William b 1866

All born Docking

1881 has only William but the others are old enough to be elswhere so may be still alive.


Only Henry and Fanny with Chalres C Playford age 3 (born Manchester) grandson.

Could be Hannah's son or one of the boys'

I have the grandchildren but will have a look and try to work it out later.

Or do you know???

Harrys mum
23-09-08, 01:34
1891 definitely has Charles C Playford born Manchester.

By 1901 he is Cyril born Docking. Still with Henry and Fanny.

fiona c
23-09-08, 01:37
There's a birth for Charles Cyril E. Playford, Jun 1888, Manchester, 8d, 238

Harrys mum
23-09-08, 01:39
Found him....might be worth buying the cert...

Charles Cyril E Playford born Q2 1888 Manchester 8d 238.

Harrys mum
23-09-08, 01:39
Snap Fiona.

23-09-08, 01:48
1891 Class: RG12; Piece: 1562; Folio 76; Page 6; GSU roll: 6096672.

King William (nothing else)

Henry and Fanny both 50 - Ag Lab - Docking
Grandson Charles E Playford age 3 born Manchester

1871 Class: RG10; Piece: 1858; Folio: 59; Page: 7; GSU roll: 838816.

Paradise (nothing else)

Henry & Fanny 30
Hannah 8
James 7
William 5

1861 Class: RG9; Piece: 1250; Folio: 42; Page: 23; GSU roll: 542783.

With parents Thornham Rd

John 51 Farm Carter b Docking
Rose 53 b Sedgeford
Henry 21 Ag Lab b Docking
John 15 Farm Carter b Docking
Mary 18 b Docking

1851 Class: HO107; Piece: 1827; Folio: 465; Page: 35; GSU

with parents 129 Somerfield House

John 41 Ag Lab
Rose 44
James 17
Edward 14 in farmers employ
Henry 11 in farmers employ
Mary 8
John 5

23-09-08, 01:53
1841 Class: HO107; Piece 782; Book: 6; Civil Parish: Docking; County: Norfolk; Enumeration District: 7; Folio: 15; Page: 23; Line: 17; GSU roll: 438865.

doesn't appear to be an address just Docking

John 35 Ag Lab
Rose 35
James 6
Edward 5
Henry 2

23-09-08, 02:01
I have found James' death in 1876
BMD Docking Sep 4b 206

So the Cyril would be either, son of William (But I have no idea of a marriage) or Hannah (Illegitimate). As he lives at grand parents we could assume Illegitimate.
But why the birth up im Manchester??
None of the Playfords have been any further North than Kings Lynn.

Where's William on 1891?

I think Hannah was in service, but there were two Hannahs from Docking born at the same time (Typical)

23-09-08, 02:08
It doesn't give a county just Manchester unlike the other entries on the page and subsequent pages - even London has a place next to it.

Thought perhaps it might be a local place with similar name which could have been mis-spelt but then it would have the county next to it.

1891 Class: RG12; Piece: 3344; Folio 83; Page 14; GSU roll: 6098454.
There's a Hannah Playford in Spotland, Lancashire born Docking

She's head of the family all born Norfolk except Emma

Charlotte Playford 23
Emma Playford 13
Hannah Playford 48
Harry Playford 19
James Playford 18
John Playford 20
Matilda Playford 22
Neddy Playford 15

23-09-08, 02:13
Think this could be William on the 1901 census, but only gives county not town for place of birth.
Any chance of a 1891 census look-up??

Forename(s) Lastname Age Year Born Where Born Civil Parish Administrative County Occupation
William Playford 35 1866 Norfolk Paddington London Sweeper Parish
Anna Playford 33 1868 Bucks Paddington London
William Playford 14 1887 London Paddington London Juvenile
Anna Playford 12 1889 London Paddington London Juvenile
John Playford 9 1892 London Paddington London Juvenile
George Playford 6 1895 London Paddington London Juvenile

fiona c
23-09-08, 02:22
There is also a W Playford in Yorkshire, single living as nephew with a Taylor family.

RG13; Piece: 4213; Folio: 81; Page: 25

fiona c
23-09-08, 02:33
Do you have any idea who Hannah married?

23-09-08, 02:33
1891 Class: RG12; Piece: 487; Folio 51; Page 14; GSU roll: 6095597.

Maria J Playford 24
William A Playford 25 Licenced Vitualler b Docking, Norfolk

living 4 Wyndham Rd, Camberwell, London

Harrys mum
23-09-08, 04:15
Definitely Manchester. It's in the complete index. That's why I put the reference so you could buy it. It will sort who his mother is at least.

there are a few William Playford marriages that could be suitable for little Charles/Cyril, but you'll never tell without the birth cert.

What's interesting is that he has his full name in 1891 with correct place of birth, but by 1901 he's Cyril born Docking.

Uncle John
23-09-08, 11:05
What's interesting is that he has his full name in 1891 with correct place of birth, but by 1901 he's Cyril born Docking.

Could depend on who filled in the census form.