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Kathlyn Maudesley
22-09-08, 16:47
I have tried to find this family in the 1871 census without any luck. I have tried variations in the spelling/sound of the name and still found nothing.

Any suggestions gratefully received:-


MARY born Kirkby, Lancashire in 1851

JOHN poss. born Kirkby in about 1848

They would have had a daughter by the time of this census, MARY ELLEN ROBERTS

They were living in Liverpool or possibly Kirkby at the time of the 1971 census.

Any ideas pleaseeeezzzzzzzzz


Elaine ..Spain
22-09-08, 17:03
Umm I think we have tried this one before!

When and where was Mary Ellen born?

Kathlyn Maudesley
22-09-08, 17:07
Hi Elaine,

As the family came from the Kirkby/Liverpool areas and the parents of Mary Ellen were married in Liverpool and all subsequent census has located them in the Liverpool area...I am assumeing Mary Ellen was born in Liverpool 1869 or 1870

The only time I have located her is in the 1901 census, although I have the rest of the family from 1881 - 1901.


Elaine ..Spain
22-09-08, 17:09
Can you give us the 1901 reference?

Elaine ..Spain
22-09-08, 17:19
Just looking at your earlier thread about this family I see that Mary Ellen married in 1894 and gave her father's occupation as Joiner.

How have you connected your Mary Ellen Roberts to Mary Roberts b 1851 Kirkby and John Roberts b 1848?

Merry Monty Montgomery
22-09-08, 17:27
Elaine, you couldn't tell me who she married could you? I'm going round in circles with this and have just looked at all the Mary Roberts in 1901, not realising she was married by then.

Elaine ..Spain
22-09-08, 17:29
Sorry Merry - just saw it on the previous thread. I was looking for them all together on the 1901 as a family!


Little Nell
22-09-08, 17:31
I've drawn a complete blank with this lot, I'm afraid.

Kathlyn Maudesley
22-09-08, 17:34
In the 1901 census, Mary Ellen Corney (should be Carney) and her son John, is living with her mother and her mothers second husband George Massie.

I have the birth cert of Mary Roberts nee Mawdsley born 1851

The marriage cert of Mary Mawdsley to John Roberts in 1868

The marriage cert of Mary Ellen Roberts to Peter Carney in 1892

The birth cert for the son of Mary Ellen and Peter Carney

The marriage cert of Mary Roberts nee Mawdsley to George Massie

The marriage cert for the second marriage of Mary Ellen Carney nee Roberts to Robert Croston in 1905

The birth cert for the brother of Mary Ellen, John Roberts 1874 (my grandfather)

The death cert for John Roberts senior, Joiner who died in 1884

It is the 1871 census that I am unable to find them in.

I have 4 possible birth entries for Mary Ellen and will pluck up the courage to take a lucky dip and send for the cert.

Your interest and help is very much appreciated Elaine.



Elaine ..Spain
22-09-08, 17:36
What is the address on the birth cert for John Roberts 1874 (your grandfather)

Merry Monty Montgomery
22-09-08, 19:23
I'm posting on this thread as it holds more information than the other one! On one of the other threads you mentioned you have four possible birth registrations around 1870ish for Mary Ellen Roberts. I wondered if it might be possible to eliminate any of them, if you haven't done so already!? Could we have the details?

Also, am I correct in my assumption that you have not been able to find Mary Ellen in 1881? There are lots of possibles in 1891, but in 1881 the ones I saw were soon eliminated!