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20-09-08, 17:33
i`m a newbie on FTM i am trying to trace my family tree but have came to a problem been tracing my paternal tree got as far as my great grandfather but he and his 3 older brothers were put in an orphanage they were there in 1861 when he was 7years old great ouseburn union workhouse and they were born in boroughbridge yorkshire would be very grateful if anyone could assist me in any way thankyou

20-09-08, 17:39
Welcome eddyjack

If you have the names of these 4, try & find their birth registrations in the FreeBMD site, then you could buy a birth cert to discover the parents.

If you are confused, come back & say so :)

Little Nell
20-09-08, 17:44
The workhouse records, if they survive, may offer clues.

Can you provide the names of your gt grandfather and his brothers? Their father's name and occupation should appear on these chaps' marriage certs.

20-09-08, 18:14
my g grandfathers name was william his oldest brother was henry then john then benjamin i think his father was john his occupation was plumber-glazier born i think in boroughbridge but can`t find anything in the cencus but i am pretty naive at this thanks very much

20-09-08, 18:19

You need to give us a surname as well, please.


20-09-08, 18:21
Right - I'm gonna guess at it being Jackson:

1861 census

Great Ouseburn
Benjamin Jackson 9
Henry Jackson 13
John Jackson 11

RG9; Piece: 3202; Folio: 61; Page: 22

Merry Monty Montgomery
20-09-08, 18:23
I think it's Jackson.....Oh, you worked it out too! lol

Time for my tea.

20-09-08, 18:25
possible in 1851

HO107; Piece: 2282; Folio: 20; Page: 32

Elizabeth Jackson 30
John Jackson 29 Plumber and Glazier (master) born -
Thomas Jackson 3
John Jackson 1
William Jackson 19 Brother

all born Boroughbridge

20-09-08, 18:29
and 1841

Thomas Jackson 38 Glazier
Margaret Jackson 48
John Jackson 17 Glazier Aprentice
Benjamin Jackson 13
William Jackson 9
Sarah Jackson 5

HO107; Piece 1284; Book: 2; Folio: 9; Page: 12

20-09-08, 18:32
There's a death for ELizabeth Jackson in 1856 in Great Ouseburn and JOhn Jackson in 1859

ALthough Great Ouseburn wasn't created until 1854 and I don't know what it was before that - so that may not be them

Little Nell
20-09-08, 18:35
1841 Boroughbridge

John Jackson 17 glazier's apprentice living with head of household Thomas Jackson, glazier, 38, Margaret, 48, Benjamin 13, William 9 and Sarah 5, all born Yorkshire.

Ref: HO107; Piece 1284; Book: 2; Civil Parish: Aldborough; County: Yorkshire; Enumeration District: 1; Folio: 9; Page: 12; Line: 2

Little Nell
20-09-08, 18:35
I see Zoe beat me to it!

Little Nell
20-09-08, 18:37
According to 1841 census Boroughbridge was a sub registration district for Knaresborough reg district.

And according to Genuki Great Ouseburn Registration District (http://www.ukbmd.org.uk/genuki/reg/districts/great%20ouseburn.html) Great Ouseburn was created from Easingwold, Knaresborough and Ripon registration districts, so Zoe's finds look likely, though of course Jackson is a relatively common name.

20-09-08, 18:43
Possible marriage?

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Marriages Sep 1849 (>99%)

EDMONDSON Alice Knaresbro 23 329
Jackson John Knaresbro' 23 329
Reynard Martin Knaresbro' 23 329
Ross Elizabeth Knaresboro. 23 329
TIGUE Bridget Knaresbro 23 329
Walker Jane Knaresbro' 23 329
Wardman James Knaresbro' 23 329
Wood Robert Knaresboro' 23 329

Little Nell
20-09-08, 18:47
This looks like son Thomas from 1851 census; birth record

Births Dec 1848 Jackson Thomas Knaresbro (http://javascript<b></b>:golink("/cgi/districts.pl?r=13426160&d=bmd_1221040128")) 23 p.369 (http://javascript<b></b>:gopage(1848,4,0,'23','369',1))

Little Nell
20-09-08, 18:49
But we're missing something, unless John b 1820ish had sons called Henry and Benjamin. He had brothers called William and Benjamin. I am muddling the generations I think.

20-09-08, 18:58
I wondered if Thomas was Henry!??!

Benjamin would have been born about 1851/2 so that could be why he's not showing on the census where his parents were alive

20-09-08, 19:03
all in one post to make it clearer.

GRANDFATHER - Thomas Jackson 38 Glazier
GRANDMOTHER - Margaret Jackson 48
FATHER - John Jackson 17 Glazier Aprentice
BROTHER - Benjamin Jackson 13
BROTHER - William Jackson 9
SISTER - Sarah Jackson 5

(relationships assumed)

MOTHER - Elizabeth Jackson 30
FATHER - John Jackson 29 Plumber and Glazier (master) born -
SON - Thomas Jackson 3
SON - John Jackson 1
BROTHER - William Jackson 19 Brother

SON - Henry Jackson 13
SON - John Jackson 11
SON - Benjamin Jackson 9
SON - William Jackson 7

Merry Monty Montgomery
20-09-08, 19:06
Right, I've eaten my tea.......



20-09-08, 19:09
[QUOTE=samesizedfeet;1404827]all in one post to make it clearer.

GRANDFATHER - Thomas Jackson 38 Glazier
GRANDMOTHER - Margaret Jackson 48
FATHER - John Jackson 17 Glazier Aprentice
BROTHER - Benjamin Jackson 13 or Uncle ?
BROTHER - William Jackson 9 or Uncle ?
SISTER - Sarah Jackson 5 or Aunt ?

(relationships assumed)

20-09-08, 19:10
IGI baptisms

parents Thomas Jackson and Margaret

1. JOHN JACKSON - 10 FEB 1824 Aldborough Near York, Yorkshire, England
2. BENJAMIN JACKSON - 24 MAR 1828 Aldborough Near York, Yorkshire, England
3. MARTHA JACKSON - 26 OCT 1825 Aldborough Near York, Yorkshire, England

20-09-08, 19:10

I got myself confused with the relationships!!!!


21-09-08, 14:49
thanks very much for everyones help it is very much appreciated but i am a little confused because i never found the thomas or sara before just wondering why they all were not in the workhouse together or am i following the wrong line thanks again

Little Nell
21-09-08, 19:38
Hallo, it seems Thomas might be Henry in 1861 as they'd be the same age.
Sarah was 5 in 1841, so by 1861 when her brothers are in the workhouse, she would be 25 and either married or working. Of course she might have died too.

21-09-08, 19:46
Sarah aged 5 in 1841 would have been a sister to John (child of Thomas and Magaret) so I shouldn't think there would have been a need for her to go in the workhouse following John's death.

21-09-08, 19:53
1861 census

RG9; Piece: 3465; Folio: 86; Page: 22

Sarah Jackson c1834
Born: Borobridge, Yorkshire, England
Living: Nether Hallam, Yorkshire

23-09-08, 01:20
it seems sarah would have been the four boys auntie cos she could have been the boys father johns sister could that be right this is a great forum with lots of nice helpful people

Little Nell
23-09-08, 08:38
It seems very likely she was their elder sister, working as a domestic, which is what most girls did from about 12 or 13.