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Mark Dudley
20-09-08, 11:54
Can anybody make out the name of James Southwood's wife please?

1851: Class: HO107; Piece: 1879; Folio: 374; Page: 67
1861: Class: RG9; Piece: 1441; Folio: 92; Page: 46
1871: Class: RG10; Piece: 2120; Folio: 8; Page: 10

Many thanks! His place of birth is variously given as Parkham, Scotland and Bideford ....

Elaine ..Spain
20-09-08, 11:59
She seems to have married using the name Prothirzda (if that helps!)

Marriages Dec 1848
BARTLETT Prothirzda Rowder
Bartlett Prothirzda Trowden

Plymouth 9 505

Mark Dudley
20-09-08, 12:00
Thanks Elaine! The Rowder/Trowden middle name fits as it crops up as a middle name in a later generation!

Elaine ..Spain
20-09-08, 12:01
On 1841 census as Protherzda Bartlett
HO107; Piece 271; Book: 15; Civil Parish: Charles The Martyr; County: Devon; Enumeration District: 15; Folio: 24; Page: 42; Line: 13;

Mark Dudley
20-09-08, 12:14
That's odd ... there are deaths in:

1852 for Prothringda Rowden Southwood in East Stonehouse, Plymouth
1852 for Prothirzda Rowden Southwood in East Stonehouse, Plymouth
1854 for Prothirda Bartlett in Plymouth
1868 for Prothirzda Rowden Southwood in Plymouth (Infant)

Looks like they wanted to preserve the name!

Mark Dudley
20-09-08, 12:16
Forget that - the two 1852 are the same.

20-09-08, 15:39
aaaaah - there's some ammo for a teenage girly strop.

Nonchalantly saying "Just be grateful I never named you after Auntie Prothirzda" and walking away will stop them dead in their tracks

Mark Dudley
20-09-08, 20:20
I will definately use that one Zoe!