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Lynn The Forest Fan
20-09-08, 08:06
If I am unable to locate someone on the National Archives site on this register, does that mean that there would not be any records at Kew itself? :confused:
I am hoping to be able to go to Kew as a birthday treat in December 7 want to prepare myself fully. My gg grandfather William Alfred Levy was in the Navy aboard the Clio in 1861 as a fifer & bugler & in 1871 + 81 he was a drummer & drum sargent, based in Chatham. His records do not appear on the site, so does this mean they don't exist?

Elaine ..Spain
20-09-08, 08:09
Could he be this one?

The National Archives | The Catalogue | Quick reference (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/catalogue/displaycataloguedetails.asp?CATLN=7&CATID=-5523709&j=1)

Lynn The Forest Fan
20-09-08, 08:21
Crikey Elaine, how did you do that? I am obviously looking in the wrong place

Elaine ..Spain
20-09-08, 08:26
The National Archives | the Catalogue (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/catalogue/default.asp?j=1)

Click on Search the Catalogue - and enter name.
Someone with more knowledge than me would probably have been able to tell you what Department/Series code was needed as well! I just left it blank.

Elaine ..Spain
20-09-08, 08:29
You will see a tab at the top right - Request this.
If you cannot wait until December when you visit, then send off for a quote.

Lynn The Forest Fan
20-09-08, 08:32
Oh Elaine, this is so exciting. I am going to put in other names & see if his dad's papers are there as well :)

Elaine ..Spain
20-09-08, 08:34
I did find another William Levy, Kent, and I wondered whether it was yours as well.

Detecting your browser settings (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/catalogue/displaycataloguedetails.asp?CATLN=7&CATID=-5486166)

Lynn The Forest Fan
20-09-08, 08:39
OMG I have found his dad as well! I am feeling almost sick with excitement now!

Lynn The Forest Fan
20-09-08, 08:41
Yes Elaine, that is the one. He appears in the 1861 as a Greenwich pensioner before dying in 1865. Wonder how many more we can find?

Elaine ..Spain
20-09-08, 08:48
This could either get very expensive or you will want an early birthday present! :)

Don't get too excited as sometimes what you receive is a bit disappointing - but at least it is better than nothing. If you click on the Request this tab I think it tells you how many pages it contains.

In the past when I have requested quotes for documents, I have received separate quotes each containing postage charges. A quick email to them asking if they would combine the postage has received a positive response.

Lynn The Forest Fan
20-09-08, 09:02
Well by putting in the name Levy & ADM 157, I found records for 8 family memebers! This included one who had been a bit of a mystery, as I had only found him on one census. But that mystery is solved as the reason given for discharge is lost at sea. I could almost cry, he was only 15. I found the listing for my ggg grandfather & 3 of his brothers, but not his father, which is a shame. I might get a quote for some of them & see how much it is.

Thank you so much Elaine, you have made my day :)

Elaine ..Spain
20-09-08, 09:10
Ooh well done - great result!