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Sue from Southend
17-09-08, 12:13
Does anyone know in what cemetery someone who died in Wimbledon in 1885 but whose own address was Worcester Park might have been buried?
I've looked at the Cuddington (Worcester Park) Cemetery on line and that wasn't established until 1889...


Uncle John
17-09-08, 14:18
Brookwood Necropolis?

Carolyn P
17-09-08, 16:57
Hi Sue
Have you tried Wimbledon Cemetery (Gap Road) which is only about 5 miles from Worcester Park. It opened 1876 and as my grandparents are buried there I visit quite often so if you need any photographs let me know.

Good Luck

Elaine ..Spain
17-09-08, 17:02
I would agree with UJ - Brookwood is a possibility
About Us (http://www.tbcs.org.uk/about_the_cemetery.htm)

Sue from Southend
17-09-08, 18:37
Thanks all - I'll check those two out and maybe I'll take you up on your offer Carolyn;)