View Full Version : Would this photo be pre 1900?

15-09-08, 21:21
I'm trying to establish the identity of this lady, but need some idea as to when the photo was taken. I'm not much good on fashions, so would appreciate any views on it. If it's 1890ish, it may possibly be my great grandmother. How old would you say she is? If it is my g gran, she would have been early 30's.


Jill on the A272
15-09-08, 21:47
Her sleeves are very 1890s, (leg of mutton). Any clues of the back, eg name of photographer, artwork/printing style?

15-09-08, 21:50
I don't have the original - just an emailed copy, so no clues there. I'll ask the rellie who sent it to me.

Cherry Tradewell
16-09-08, 08:37
What a lovely pic Pauline, such a pretty lady.

I agree with Jill about the date, with those leg o' mutton sleeves it must surely be late 1890's ?

17-09-08, 20:44
i,ve seen this picture before its the hairstyle late 1800,s brenda xxx