View Full Version : Was this baby born in 1912 or 1894?

12-09-08, 18:20

It's not a very clear scan picture I'm afraid. I do have the original if anyone can tell me how to make it appear clearer.
A family member has named this baby, but I think it is another family member, judging by photos of both of them when they're older.

What do you think? Was this photo taken in about 1913 or 1895?

Jill on the A272
12-09-08, 18:27
So difficult to tell with tiny children, does the back give any clues eg photographer or printing styles/artwork on the back?

12-09-08, 18:35
The photographer is W.A. Brown & Son, 146 & 148 Camberwell Road, London S.E.
and the photo is mounted on board. There is nothing on the back of the board.

The baby I think it is was born in Herne Hill, South East London, whereas the other was born in Devon. I know that doesn't always follow that the photographer was local to the subject as I have wedding photos in Devon taken by London photographers in the early 20th century.

12-09-08, 18:47
I think I just answered my own question. I looked at the London photographers database and W.A. Brown & son only traded from 148 Camberwell Rd from 1899 and didn't start from 146 Camberwell Road until 1902.

So I think the photo was taken about 1913. Now why didn't I look in the Wiki first? LOL

Jill on the A272
12-09-08, 19:50
Love a happy ending!:D

12-09-08, 21:27
:) :) :) :)