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Little Nell
01-09-08, 14:44

This is husband's great-grandparents Henry Ledger and Rose Ledger with 4 of their 6 children. Can you help me to decide who the children are?

I know the girl at the right back standing is husband's maternal grandmother Maud Violet, who was born 1900.

The other children were
Henry b 1899
Louis 1904
Ena 1909
Victor 1915 and
Doris 1918

From later photos, the little boy in the sailor suit looks like Victor, but the little girl looks like Ena but she certainly isn't 6 years older than the boy. So maybe the boy is Louis and this photo was taken before Victor was born.

All ideas welcome.

Little Nell
01-09-08, 14:48
Havng typed this out, I am thinking that Henry Jr and Maud would be abt 14 and 13, Louis about 9 and Ena 4, so photo taken abt 1914ish. Maybe before Henry senior went off to do something in WW1?

Must be before Rose was very pregnant with Victor.

Just Barbara
01-09-08, 17:32
I think the photo is just a tiny bit before 1914, maybe about 1912 looking at their clothes, of course if mum was pregnant we can't see, maybe ask her to stand up??:confused:

Paul Barton, Special Agent
01-09-08, 22:37
I think you're spot on. Sailor suits were the height of fashion for little boys in the years before the first world war. The reality of warfare put an end to the fashion.

Tom Tom
01-09-08, 22:45
I think the others are Henry, Louis and Ena :)

02-09-08, 07:42
I would go along with little Nell's age grouping but would suggest a time frame of between 1912 and 1914. As an aside to the ages of the children one of my reference books gives the following prices for some of the clothing worn.
Boater-Saw Edged, between 4/6 to 5/6
Boater-Pedal Straw, (best quality) 10/6
young girls frock (simular to the one worn by the little girl at the front) between 15/6 and 16/6
White drill Jack Tar suit (for ages between 7 to 11) 10/9 to 12/9 (the price rising by 6d for each year)
Jack Tar Hat (not seen in the photograph but may have been part of this lads outfit)- Purl Straw 3/6 or Maltese Cabbage 4/6
Man's lounge suit -Homespun/Tweeds/Cheviots priced from £3.19.0 to £5.5.0
This last price is based on prices for 1907 but would not have been far off the cost of a suit when this photograph may have been taken.


02-09-08, 14:03
early 1900,s brenda xxx

Little Nell
04-09-08, 20:44
I completely forgot I'd posted this, so my apologies for not getting back to you earlier. Many thanks for your input.

Little Nell
04-09-08, 20:46
Rose was Jewish and Henry a gentile, they married at Strand Register Office 17 August (my own wedding day) 1890. Rose's family were fishmongers and Henry's fruiterers and greengrocers in Covent Garden market.