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19-08-08, 13:05
During the past week, I have had a message which pops up intermittently:

'Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site (then whichever site it is)'

Operation aborted'

If I press on the 'X' button, it will disappear.

It seems to occur mostly when I log on to Yahoo Mail and GR - even when I change between boards on there.

I have Vista and have never had any trouble before. I've tried unplugging everything and it was fine for a while, but then started again.

I'm no expert, but if anyone has any ideas, I'll get OH to try them - I'm too nervous! Any suggestions gratefully received.


ps Have to go off-line for a while, but will look in later.

19-08-08, 23:28
Aargh, please, someone,somewhere........


(Off for tonight!)

Val wish Id never started
19-08-08, 23:47
Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site ..... Operatio - SOLUTIO
22-Jul-08 11:08:00

The problem you are experiencing is due to a Skype add-on. To disable the
add-on, go to Internet Explorer in Tools/Manage Add-ons. You need to disable
any entries for Skype (there should be about 3 entries).
Skype will still work after you have disabled them

this is what I found about it while googling worth a try

20-08-08, 06:28
Val, thank you so much! I'd only just put Skype on and it never occurred to me that it could be that. My friends in SA have been on at me to join - but I obviously got more than I bargained for!

With much relief.


Val wish Id never started
20-08-08, 12:31
its funny Oscar but I have skype and unless I'm actually using it have no problems, but have noticed it cannot be opened the same time as msn as it plays it up, glad your sorted .