View Full Version : AVG update failed a Bin file is missing ????????

Val wish Id never started
17-08-08, 00:02
Help please when I logged on tonight both my laptop and my pc are saying AVG needs attention but it wont update as it says a Bin File is missing?????? have tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it and it will not update any ideas please ????????????????? thanks

Ozzie Gert
17-08-08, 06:33
Hi Val, i will be keeping an eye on this as the same thing just happened to me.


Ozzie Gert
17-08-08, 06:41
Just read this on the AVG forum,

Currently the update for AVG Free v8 is corrupted... you will have to wait for AVG Technologies to address the issue with the update.

Reporting the issue again by other users here will not do any good util it is resolved.

The updates that your AVG currently have will still provide the protection it is setup to detect. In otherwords, not being able to get this update will not make your AVG Free ineffective and as soon as AVG Tech resolves the issue you will be able to update to the current virus definitions at that time.

So in short... please do not post to report the issue, its already known. Also please be patient until AVG Technologies can address the issue.


17-08-08, 08:07
There is a workaround on this - have just tried it on two computers and AVG is working well (after a couple of hours of panic!). See post #10 at AVG 8.0 .bin file missing? - PCMech Forums (http://www.pcmech.com/forum/showthread.php?t=200292)

Val wish Id never started
17-08-08, 09:27
oh no , I spent 2 hours last night trying to update tried everything, and I googled and found nothing about it
Thanks for your replies

Val wish Id never started
17-08-08, 09:28
Marion that link doesnt work ????

17-08-08, 09:59
Don't know why it doesn't work - I've tried it from here and it seems to work on mine. Have pm'd you the details in case that helps

Punchs mum
17-08-08, 10:32
Looks like it could be sorted now. I had the same warning earlier on, I switched off and have now turned back on and the warning has gone!


17-08-08, 10:47
I've just switched on and the update is still failing with the same message!!!!!!!!!!

Jill on the A272
17-08-08, 10:52
I've just come here for help with the very same issue, will look in later to see whats happening.

Val wish Id never started
17-08-08, 10:56
I'm sure Marion wont mind me passing this on but heres what to do
and it works YES

1) Go to the AVG website at the following URL: AVG Anti-Virus and Internet Security - Updates (http://www.grisoft.com/ww.download-update)

2) Create a folder on your desktop and download the following files to the folder:
1) AVI: 270.6.4
2) IAVI: / 1616

3) Open the AVG control panel and click the "Tools" link. Select "Update from Directory," navigate to the desktop file that you created and placed the downloaded files into and select the file as the update source.

AVG should automatically load the update files and all of your notifications should go back to green. Hope this helps.

17-08-08, 11:04
Did you not see this message above those files??

Important notice for AVG Free Users

The listed program updates should not be used for the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. AVG Free users can perform the update directly from within the program, or download updates from AVG Free Advisor website (http://free.grisoft.com/).

Tilly Mint
17-08-08, 11:09
I've just done the update directly from from the programme Wendy, all is up to date now !!

17-08-08, 11:11
Thanks Tilly have just updated mine succesfully.

Val wish Id never started
17-08-08, 11:12
yes I did Wendy but it worked ???????????????
Tilly did you do yours directly from your AVG updates

Tilly Mint
17-08-08, 11:16
I updated mine from the AVG programme in my favourites............it said it needed an update so i updated :D

Sorry - it wasnt from my favourites, it was from the programme - start button on the left hand side of the screen.

Val wish Id never started
17-08-08, 11:20
well you were lucky then mine still would not update today, but its okay now, thanks Tilly

17-08-08, 11:26
I right clicked on the icon and told it to update now, and it did it OK.

Val wish Id never started
17-08-08, 11:59
maybe its sorted now then Wendy ?? I was so worried I get paranoid about virus's .

Tilly Mint
17-08-08, 12:12
I do too Val................

I only use the computer to do my research and if there is any change, i get totally stumped.

colin edmundson
17-08-08, 12:32
A Quick Fix for AVG Open AVG and go yo tools top left hand corner
click on update from directory this should bring a box up Browser Field click on C drive (if that is where you AVG is ) and click Ok that should do it. ?

Val wish Id never started
17-08-08, 14:24
oh thanks for that Colin have written it down