View Full Version : A date for this one

Pat Hope
15-08-08, 22:12
Ann Jane was born 1876


Paul Barton, Special Agent
17-08-08, 08:02
She seems to be in mourning so did a close relative die around the beginning of WW1?

17-08-08, 19:05
i,ve seen this one before her ring is not black but could have been a funeral,they wore black rings when they were in mourning,brenda xxx

Anne in Carlisle
18-08-08, 23:02
My granny was born in 1878. She noted in her diary "My bike will be delivered today!". That was in 1906. I'm not an expert on bikes but I think that this one could be later than that.

As has been said the lady could be in mourning. It is difficult to judge her age from her face because of the veil but her hands don't look particularly young. I would guess about 1910?


19-08-08, 16:29
she has a wedding ring but the other hand middle finger also a ring,brenda xxx

25-08-08, 13:50
I have a collection of cigarette cards with the history of bikes on them. This one look very similar to the ladies bike of 1896.

Just Barbara
31-08-08, 17:54
Hi, I've just seen this, she looks 1900 to 1910, her veil was probably because she was going out on her bike, I don't think she can been in full mourning as I don't think she would cycle.