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Pat Hope
15-08-08, 21:59
I am trying to work out when the colour picture was taken

Bridget was born 1870 she married in 1892.

One of the other photos shows her with her twin boys who were born 1897



Paul Barton, Special Agent
17-08-08, 07:58
It looks to me like a skillfully hand-coloured sepia print. As she wears a wedding ring I would suggest it's shortly after her wedding - maybe a wedding photo as it's posed to show off the ring.

Olde Crone Holden
17-08-08, 12:33
I would say that was an engagement ring, Paul - Victorian wedding rings were simple narrow gold bands.

I agree though, the picture is of her at either engagement or shortly after marriage. She has worn a bit on the other two photos, bless her!


17-08-08, 18:57
thats a mourning ring its black or is it my eyes,brenda xxx

Little Nell
19-08-08, 00:05
I don't think it would be a mourning ring as she isn't dressed in black, and wouldn't wear a mourning ring on her wedding finger.

19-08-08, 00:56
because of the kick ups on the shoulder seam area of the sleeve your first picture was taken between 1889 and 1893 as this was when kick ups were in fashion.


Jill on the A272
19-08-08, 13:17
I agree wtih don, this type of sleeve preceded the full leg of mutton sleeve of the later 1890s

Pat Hope
19-08-08, 14:14
Thanks all I just needed to decide in which decade to put her in the costume gallery I'll go for 1881-1890