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20-06-08, 12:59
Help can anyone tell me if there would be copyright issues with WW1 photos that were issued from The Press Bureau and other press agencies.
I'm asking as a friend has had these photos from his mothers case which he has opened for years they are in quite decent condition and he has given me permission to share with the site ;;but obviously it would only be if I was allowed to ??????

Just Barbara
20-06-08, 17:17
Babs I know there are some copyright issues, I have some copies that I can not show on the internet or in any publications. If no one can help here, I would think the Great War Forum people would know...

20-06-08, 17:45
Thanks Babarba was hoping Zoe might be around think she would have known answer ;;;will wait and see if she see's this later

Merry Monty Montgomery
20-06-08, 20:19
I've left a message about this thread in Mods Corner for Zoe :)

20-06-08, 20:55
Not really my era but as far as I:m aware the Press Bureau in this case would be the media relations department of the Ministry of Defence, so the pictures are classed as Crown Copyright.

I'll need to look into it and see if these now form part of the Imperial War Collection or some similar government archive that licence their own prints.

I'd say in theory, as Crown Copyright, they can be used for research purposes. But I'd like to check it out properly.

I'm just in from work having left this morning at 6.30am so I'm a bit frazzled. may have to wait until tomorrow when I have a fully functioning brain.

Will get back to you as soon as.


21-06-08, 02:13
Zoe that ok babe take all the time needed but some good photos which I would like the site to use but only if they can !!!!

22-06-08, 11:58
Just giving this nudge to see if Zoe has found anything out yet ???

27-06-08, 13:22
Zoe have you managed to find out anything about this yet dear ;;;
only asking as Im sat here printing them out to go to Aus ,,,and it brought it back to mind about the site using them

28-06-08, 14:26
have to confess it completely slipped my mind.

There's a girl at work who will know the answer straight off - but she only does two days a week so I'll pin her down this week and get back to you

Sorry sorry sorry



28-06-08, 17:34
Its ok Zoe it was just 1 of the pictures is of King and Queen in Australia and someone might recognise there rellie from it there is no names on them except the place etc;;;