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Marilyn from Essex
19-06-08, 13:35
AVG detected a trojan which it isolated and I elected to put it in the virus vault. Is it safe to just delete this file from the virus vault. Initially it said I could heal the trojan or put in the vault but now its in the vault I dont seem to have the heal option anymore. Any ideas please

Mary from Italy
19-06-08, 17:29
I'm no expert at all, but last time I had a virus I moved it to the vault and deleted it from there, and I've had no trouble since.

Marilyn from Essex
19-06-08, 20:04
Thanks Mary I will try that then

Heather Positive Thinker
19-06-08, 20:41
I just used to delete them Mal. I think they ask you in case its a file or something you need but I cant see how likely that is :)

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
19-06-08, 22:14
If it is in an important file that's infected then a warning will be given before you confirm you want to delete.

Marilyn from Essex
20-06-08, 17:26
ThanksHeather and Glen. I am going to bite the bullet and delete it and hope for the best

dave pusey
21-06-08, 15:58
The "Heal" option would most likely fail - always has for me. Just delete the file.

Marilyn from Essex
21-06-08, 19:15
Thanks Dave thats what I have done now

22-06-08, 21:21
If heal fails always leave the file in the vault for a couple of days to ensure that your PC works ok without the file. If you have no problems you can assume that it is safe the delete the file from the vault.