View Full Version : What are the chances of finding this mans Army Records

Val wish Id never started
17-06-08, 22:30
I ordered somebodies Army Records I dont know his number but do have his Birth Cert, I had a letter back to say they cannot find them.
Now I know this man used a different surname for a lot of his life , do you think it is possible his Army Records are under that name ???
Is it worth asking them to check ???

Merry Monty Montgomery
17-06-08, 22:31
Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

They offered to try and help further, didn't they? What have you got to lose?

Val wish Id never started
17-06-08, 23:01
suppose so Merry, although Im not sure it wont cost me another £30 !!!!

17-06-08, 23:36
suppose so Merry, although Im not sure it wont cost me another £30 !!!!

Not sure if you ordered a Reference Check or if you were ordering from the GRO. But if you were, this is what they say about 'refunds'....


I had no luck with finding the Military Service Record of my great grandfather eithe and in desperation I got a researcher to do it for me.... gave him all I knew about great grandfather's service in the late 1800's, agreed a fee with him which was REALLY good (little more than one search of the Nat. Archives) and within seven days he found, photographed and downloaded a full copy of the record to disc for me. But I did this because finding my way around the National Archives was a bit like the Hampton Court Maze... :o

Val wish Id never started
18-06-08, 09:41
ooh Elba that sounds good to me where did you find him ?? thanks

18-06-08, 09:44
Val I asked Kevin Asplin to find some records for my two GG Grandfather's and within a week he sent me all the info he could find. He doesn't charge a lot and if he can't find anything he doesn't charge anything.

18-06-08, 10:00
But Val, is it WW1 or WW2 records you're after? (Or neither?)

18-06-08, 10:13

All army records post 1922 are still with the MOD so you would be wasting your money employing a researcher post that date. Until the MOD release them into the public domain, which may not be before 2015, then you will have to go through MOD. All records pre 1922 are with the National Archives at Kew and so you could then ask a researcher to help you. Please also bear in mind that only about 60% of World War 1 Documents survived. Many were burnt during World War 2 Blitz, but TNA are making available burnt docs that were not too damaged, but this still leaves at least 40% of World War 1 Docs that will always be missing.


Val wish Id never started
18-06-08, 12:12
hi and thanks for your replies, its World War 11 I have his date of birth and know he served in India in the medical corp for the whole war
Thing is he was known to use another name so maybe the records are under that ???
Where do I find Kevin please ???

18-06-08, 12:15
Val, the reason that I asked is that if it is WW2 then I don't think Kevin would be allowed access to the records to search?

Val wish Id never started
18-06-08, 12:15
thanks Kite I may just ring them today

18-06-08, 16:17

I have sent you a PM