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17-06-08, 15:46

My great grandad John Joseph Wilson was born in Antrim, Belfast in 1893. He was one of seven known children.
Now six of these i can safely say i know what happened to them, but the first born Partick Wilson c1890 is my new mystery.

From family members still in Belfast this is the story of Patrick.

Sometime during the first world war Patrick just up and left the family home and was never seen again, from *** bits over the years he was meant to have settled in America and may have been lost at sea during the second world war.
Thats about as much as the family know on the subject and they have always wondered what happened to him.
Now ive found myself wondering also where he died and was buried, if he married and had kids or if he did indeed stay in Ireland but chose not to return home.

Can anybody suggest anything?


Merry Monty Montgomery
17-06-08, 15:51
Well, not a lot!

There are 93 John Wilsons on the Family Search U.S. Social Security Death Index who were born in 1893. If you knew his exact dob you could look to see if any match. :)

17-06-08, 15:55
Hi Merry

John was born 9/8/1893 and he died 8/3/1963


17-06-08, 16:38
Just so everybody knows, im after any info on Johns brother Patrick.:)


Merry Monty Montgomery
17-06-08, 19:58
Oh, sorry (didn't read properly!), well you could do the same for Patrick if you get his birth cert.