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Jean and Tonic
13-06-08, 17:53
Can anyone please find this family in 1851, the name is Beetham I think, although it's mis-transcribed in 1861...... but it's Beetham in 1871 and they are in London.
I'm trying to find the maiden name of the widow Margaret (I'm hoping it's Gibson) but I can't find a marriage before 1837 for just 'Beetham'.

Class: RG9; Piece: 3932; Folio: 57; Page: 23; GSU roll: 543208.


Little Nell
13-06-08, 17:56

I think the name looks like Balthom

Jean and Tonic
13-06-08, 18:02
I'll have a look for that name Nell, thanks ....although I've been looking for just the first names .... and I still can't find them

Little Nell
13-06-08, 18:05
There are a few Beethom events on Freebmd but none which fit this lot and no Balthoms at all.

Can't find Clara's birth ref in the indexes.

Jean and Tonic
13-06-08, 18:09
Got them Nell thanks....under Bathon ...... looked for daughter mary ...she was the only one I hadn't tried....

Class: HO107; Piece: 2442; Folio: 247; Page: 22; GSU roll: 87125-87126.

Jean .... now for 1841

ahhh she was a Dixon by the looks of it ..... as an aunt ....she's the mother's sister not the fathers as I thought.

Little Nell
13-06-08, 18:13

HO107; Piece: 2441; Folio: 66; Page: 33
has a Beetham family, living in Kendal, parents Wm & Margaret with daughter Isabella born Cartmel,Lancs, which is where your 1861 daughters Margaret, Mary and Agnes say they are born. Must be related?

Jean and Tonic
13-06-08, 18:37
Yes I noticed that Nell ..... I'm not too bothered about the Beethams really... Two of her nephews were staying with her in 1871 ..Gibson boys .... belonging to my family and I was wondering how she was an aunt.

It seems that after there father died (thomas Gibson) they went to stay with their mother's (nee Dixon) sister...after her fella died.

thanks for your help .....