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Heather Positive Thinker
12-06-08, 15:26
Ive received a pm from someone on GR who seems to have spoken to me in the past but I cant remember the ins and outs and nor can I find the original thread and she doesnt appear to know how to bring the thread up despite several mails to her :rolleyes: SO, if anyone wants a bit of mind stimulating, the facts are, from what I can gather :confused:

We are looking for an Beatrice Alice Salter born 1897 in Bristol in the 1901. Apparently on her marriage cert (no date sorry) dad is Albert Henry Salter a cab driver deceased. Poster was told that the mum was an Alice.

Poster now has birth cert for a Beatrice Alice Salter born 1897 Bristol showing mum as Maria Dimsdale. Her father still says mum was an Alice.

I had a look for them on the 1901 but cant see the right combination. I have found a family in Bristol in the 1891 dad a groom, (which fits really), wife a Maria and a son Albert aged 3 and half (very accurate!) Sorry, I havent got all this stuff now to put on here. I remember dad was in his late thirties and mum a lot younger.

Basically can anyone find a Beatrice born 1897 Bristol in the 1901 with a dad called Albert (though he could be dead I guess) and a mum called Maria or Alice.


Merry Monty Montgomery
12-06-08, 15:34
So this is the one she bought:

Births Dec 1897
SALTER Beatrice Alice Bedminster 5c 605

And there's no Salter/Dimsdale marriage on freeBMD to give us a clue as to ages of the parents of that one, in order to help find them!

I wonder how she knows where her Beatrice was born??

Elaine ..Spain
12-06-08, 15:36
Do you have the 1891 reference Heather.

Elaine ..Spain
12-06-08, 15:39
Found it RG12; Piece: 1960; Folio 83; Page 24; GSU
Son Albert 3 months, not 3 and a half.

Elaine ..Spain
12-06-08, 15:40
same family in 1901
RG13; Piece: 2361; Folio: 114; Page: 27.
with daughter Beatrice - aged 13 on transcription - will check image

Merry Monty Montgomery
12-06-08, 15:42
This Maria fits from TNA 1901:

Maria Salter aged 36 born London living Bristol Bristol

Can't get her on Ancestry yet!

Elaine ..Spain
12-06-08, 15:42
Beatrice's age does look like 13, but it could just be a squiggle on the page!
From the order of children listed it would appear she is younger than Albert.
Name mistranscribed on Ancestry as Selter

Merry Monty Montgomery
12-06-08, 15:43
Well done Elaine.

Maybe Maria died/left and he was with an Alice later, or maybe an assumption was made about her name because of dau's middle name?

Merry Monty Montgomery
12-06-08, 15:45
I thik the age was written as 13, but just should be 3.

So, were Maria and Albert not married?? :eek:

Merry Monty Montgomery
12-06-08, 15:47
Heather, maybe you could ask your contact who the marriage witnesses were for Beatrice and her OH?

Merry Monty Montgomery
12-06-08, 15:50
Maria Dimsdale in 1881 with right age and birthplace (such as it is!)

RG11; Piece: 2502; Folio: 126; Page: 23

Elaine ..Spain
12-06-08, 15:51
Could she also check the surname Dimsdale on the certificate.
There is no birth showing for a Mar* Dimsdale, c1865/1869

Heather Positive Thinker
12-06-08, 15:51
Many thanks guys

I cant remember a lot of the stuff Merry, it must be a couple of months since this person first contacted me over on there as I appear to have given her stuff census and freebmd - she isnt erm, very communicative - basically Ive told her three times now that I cant remember what the gist was and three times she has sent me the same pm :( So I thought just going from what she put in the pm try to find the girl in 1901 to settle it.

Many thanks for helping out. I will credit FTF with the goods.

Elaine ..Spain
12-06-08, 15:51
Oh well done Merry - didn't see that!