View Full Version : Am I my Fathers child ???

Val wish Id never started
12-06-08, 10:29
I got my fathers army records today , which is briliant as I only sent for them on the 6th May
One of the reasons I sent for them was my father always insisted I was not his child ???
I am a bit confused as if I have read them right he was in Africa November 42 to March 44 and I was born on November 43
The only child mentioned is my older brother
Not the other brother and sister either all born during the war
Is there anybody here who could read them for me ???
Must say it makes interesting reading the bits I can understand ,it seems he was in Brixton Prison for stealing .

12-06-08, 11:04
Sounds so intriguing that I absolutely have to offer to try to read them for you, Val! I'll send you my email address...

Val wish Id never started
12-06-08, 11:42
thanks Kite will send the copies to you I have been laughing at the times he was AWOL , maybe he came home from Africa for a few days LOL

12-06-08, 11:59
Or did your mum ever go and visit him in Africa, Val?

Rachel Scand
12-06-08, 13:15
Oooo Val
How exciting ... do you look anything like him ?

might it be that you are not mentioned in his records because he was trying to deny that he was AWOL at that time ?

Mary from Italy
12-06-08, 14:12
What an intriguing story.

Is he named on your birth certificate?

Val wish Id never started
12-06-08, 16:58
sorry been out
Everybody says I am the image of my mother
I know he hated me , but he was not the sort of man to bring up somebodys else's child.
He is named as my father yes.
I do believe I am his , he was a very jealous man and always saying my mum was having an affair with this man and that man !!! I never saw any of that in fact it was him having affairs!!! even on the day she died undergoing a heart op which killed her he was seen with another woman.
Heres hoping Kite can work it out.

Pippa Doll
12-06-08, 18:09

I think I have to ask of how much do you want to know? It is quite possible for you have DNA testing or even worse sign up for Jeremy Kyle or Lorraine Kelly.

12-06-08, 18:12
It would be an expensive way to do it, but you could get DNA tested along with your siblings

Then you'd at least know if you share the same father, even if it won't tell you for certain that the father is the man who bought you up

Mary from Italy
12-06-08, 18:38
That is sad, Val, what a shame. Unfortunately that kind of pathological jealousy isn't uncommon.

I hope the service record will help, but even if it specifies the dates when he was AWOL, it may not say where he went.

I wouldn't have thought your mum would have visited him in Africa - I doubt if civilians were allowed to make that kind of journey during the war, although I was surprised to find that my great-uncle's parents and aunts went to his funeral in France during WW1.

Val wish Id never started
12-06-08, 20:26
my mother would never have been well enough or rich enough to visit him in Africa , have managed to send the images to Kite who hopefully will throw some light on it .
Maybe the records are wrong ????

Little Nell
12-06-08, 20:30

I think you do need to reflect on whether or not you want to know definitely. If he was in Africa at the time of your conception, i don't see how you can be his child and as you say he was always definite that he wasn't. Did he have these views about his other children, or just you?

How ywould it change things if you found out he was/wasn't your biological father? I think that's a can of worms you might not really wish to open, although having got his army records you are already investigating. It would change your feelings about yourself, your father, your mother, your siblings. Go carefully.

Val wish Id never started
12-06-08, 20:38
Nell I know what your saying , not really sure how I'd feel ??? I never loved him anyway but loved my mother.
There is a lot I have not said.
As I said he was not the sort of man to bring up another mans child, and my mother adored him, although I never understood why !!!
I still sort of think the records are wrong do wonder if although he was in Africa he was brought home for a reason ?? or run off again , but how he got back from there I dont know .
I'm holding fire till Kite looks at them.
If there is a query I am going to write to the army records office to see if they can check .

Little Nell
12-06-08, 20:42
Hi Val

You say that he wasn't the sort of man to bring up another man's child but you also say that he always said you weren't his, which sounds kind of contradictory to me.
Whatever you decide, I feel that there will always be unanswered questions about this all. I always found it hard to imagine my parents as young married couple, feeling as I did when I was a young married!

Val wish Id never started
12-06-08, 21:02
he was a very vindictive man and I do believe as he was unfaithful often, he used to try and pass the buck so as to speak by making out my mother was unfaithful not him !!!
Probably made him feel better.
I am not upset at the moment about it ,bemused is probably more like it .
This might all be purely circumstantial we shall see.

BigShaz McCreadie
12-06-08, 21:08
Val this is probably not going to be of any help to you at all but I'll say it anyway.

I have my dad's Army records here with me.
No Dad's not dead he's still alive and he is only 61yrs so wasn't in during the war.

He was in for 22yrs and all his postings are listed, home and abroad, but they don't mention leave.

They just state each country month and year he went and month and year he returned.

Even though he was home inbetween.

I was concieved during a trip home, which became extended :rolleyes:, I always thought of myself as a compassionate baby (he was home on compassionate grounds) but it seems he was having such a great time with mum :rolleyes: that he took it upon himself to go AWOL.

If I looked solely at my dads records I too could easily think he wasn't my dad. However I do know that he most definitely is :)

Val wish Id never started
12-06-08, 22:25
really Shaz thats interesting , It does say a bit about leave so maybe they missed some out ??

12-06-08, 22:38
I don't know what the situation was in WW2, but I have the army records of both my grandfathers who served in WW1. The records and the battalion histories show where in Europe they were at certain times, but like Shaz says, there is no mention of leave. I have letters and photos that show that both Grandfather's had leave in the UK at various times. There is no official mention of that at all, that I have managed to find anyway.

Olde Crone Holden
12-06-08, 22:41
Not sure they shipped troops backwards and forwards from Africa? It's a long way.

My late FIL was in Africa for the whole of the war.


Harrys mum
12-06-08, 22:42
Was just going to say what Christine has said about WW1... LOL.

I also have my father-in-laws WW2 records (from Australia) and they don't have leave either.

My 3x great grandfather's record from 1810-1833 has every bit of leave mentioned, as well as where he went and who he went with......great resource as it shows when he took his wife and children to his parents house. Was chuffed to get that!!

12-06-08, 23:17
You always know who your Mother is

Olde Crone Holden
12-06-08, 23:24
Errr...no, you don't, James!

My friend found out in her 60s that her mother was her auntie. They lied to the registrar.


12-06-08, 23:28
My stepgrandfather certainly didn't know who his mother was for many years - he was brought up by three "aunts" and it was only when he finally got to see his full birth certificate that he found out which of his aunts was really his mother.

Val wish Id never started
12-06-08, 23:29
thats what I thought !!! cannot see them giving him leave from Africa , other than maybe he got compassionate leave ??

12-06-08, 23:37
I suppose it's possible that he returned to the UK and it isn't on the records, but it looks unlikely, having looked at those pages. He only arrived in N Africa December 1942, and it mentions a posting 21st Feb 1943 (still in N Africa) and it seems pretty unlikely that he went back to the UK and then back to Africa between those dates, don't you think?