View Full Version : Anyone going to Dorset Record Office?

09-06-08, 23:03
I know my grandfather Alexander Bristow (Alec for short) had a cottage in a little village called Hermitage (near Cerne Abbas) in the first half of the 1930's. But I don't know the name of the cottage. I was wondering whether anybody on here might be going to Dorset History Centre and could have a look at the electoral roll for Hermitage for those years to see what address he was living at (and if anybody else was living there with him!), please?

20-06-08, 19:33
Nudging up with faint hope...Having seen the price for their research service!

Merry Monty Montgomery
20-06-08, 19:42
Kite, once upon a time my OH would have been able to help you, but he hasn't been to Dorchester for ages.

I was wondering.....it might be worth you contacting Sherborne Library.

Sherborne Library - Dorset For You (http://www.dorsetforyou.com/index.jsp?articleid=4427)

They might well point you in the direction of the Electoral Rolls or whatever. Hermitage is/was pretty small (pop 100 in 1901 and 101 in 2001! lol) so I can't think it would take them more than a couple of minutes!

20-06-08, 22:29
Thanks for that, Merry, I'll give it a go on Monday.