View Full Version : 1901 occupation help, please

09-06-08, 16:16
I'm looking for Thomas Walker born 1872

in 1891 he is a Gas Fitter

I've found this in 1901 - RG13; Piece: 135; Folio: 44; Page: 12

I can just about make out the word Fitter in the occupation but I can't see what it is he's fitting

I'm hoping this is him as I'm having zero luck with his siblings who were all sent off to orphanages in 1891 when their mother remarried and completely disappear in 1901

09-06-08, 16:25
I read it as 'Pianoforte fitter up' which has been amended to 'mus. inst'. Music instrument? installer?
Then again, I may be talking rubbish. See what you think.

09-06-08, 16:41
Hmm - think you may be right

I'll just add him to the list of missing Walkers.

I'm going round in circles looking step and half siblings and still getting nowhere

Little Nell
09-06-08, 16:43
It looks like pianoforte fitter up (certainly doesn't say gas).

09-06-08, 18:29
*wonders whether the gas piano was the forerunner of the electronic keyboard*

Christine in Herts
09-06-08, 19:16
Well there is such an instrument as a water organ...