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08-06-08, 22:08
Struggling with census on these.....

Rose Ann Linkson born 7 Jan 1819 Islington

She was married in 1839 to William Manwaring Betts

no sign of then on 1841, 1851 or 1861 census

in 1869 there is a death for a William Manwarren Betts in Marylebone
age at death puts his birth c1806

1871 I think this is Rose in St George in the East : RG10; Piece: 528; Folio: 42; Page: 40

and 1881 : RG11; Piece: 457; Folio: 58; Page: 21

If those are correct there are two children at least

Francis Betts c 1850 St George in the East
Alfred Betts c 1860 St George in the East

Only other clue is there's a William Manwaring Betts born 1872 in Shoreditch which could be a grandson

This may be him on 1881: RG11; Piece: 256; Folio: 13; Page: 19
father is Frederick Betts born c1847 Shoreditch

Thanks in advance for any help


08-06-08, 22:17
Woo Hoo

found 1851 transcribed as Bells

HO107; Piece: 1547; Folio: 58; Page: 39

Merry Monty Montgomery
08-06-08, 22:31

08-06-08, 23:05
and on 1841 as Bittle

still really struggling with 1861 though

children so far:

William Betts 1840
John Betts 1843
Francis Betts 1850
Alfred Betts 1860

lots of gaps there though

and I think William Manwaring born 1872 is the son of John - not certain yet though

08-06-08, 23:13
Is Alfred the one whose birth was registered Dec 1860 St George in the East? Just so we know he should be a few months old on the 1861. I suppose they could be in one of those places that's missing from the 1861, though it doesn't look as if St George in the East is supposed to have a missing part.

08-06-08, 23:20
He's the only one for St George in the East so I'd hazard a guess at yes for that being his birth.

There's an outside chance he could be Alfred James in the September quarter in Poplar

William c1840 married Ann Boreham in September 1861 so could still be at home