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Chrissy Confused
08-06-08, 18:18
I have Thomas Hardman married Gwladys M Williams 4Q 1941 Vol 11b page 1629 Anglesey Wales, but can't find their births anywhere, have children as

*******A 1942 1Q
******T 1944 "Q both Anglesey plus

*****and ***** but cant find their births either

Any takers

Rachel Scand
08-06-08, 18:28
If they're living you probably shouldn't put their names on here

Do you have the deaths of Thomas and Gwladys ?
That might show their DOBs

Chrissy Confused
08-06-08, 18:33
Thanks for the reminder Rachel, always forgetting that, sorry

No have no more info on this couple,but if I could only get them back one more genearation than I can hit the census

Rachel Scand
08-06-08, 18:42
If you have an idea of when they died then all you can do is trawl through the deaths on Ancestry

I only managed to get my grt aunt and uncle's dates of birth by finding their deaths in 1991 ... it listed their DOBs and their middle names

08-06-08, 18:50
Gwladys M Williams (mmn Davies) Pontypridd, Glamorgan Mar qtr 1920
11a 1642

Little Nell
08-06-08, 18:51
Wendy you haven't put the year or month!

08-06-08, 18:53
Sorry have added it now.

Chrissy Confused
08-06-08, 20:04
Thanks Wendy, sorry for the delay but dinner was ready.

Its really Thomas who I need to find but thank you

Merry Monty Montgomery
08-06-08, 21:53
Surely you would need the marriage cert to establish his age and father's details?

Christine in Herts
08-06-08, 22:11
Is it worth looking here:
North Wales Births Marriages & Deaths (http://www.northwalesbmd.org.uk/bmd_welcome.html)

Participating authorities:
Isle of Anglesey (shouldn't that be Inis Môn?)


08-06-08, 22:56
I thought it was spelt Ynys, Christine?

Christine in Herts
09-06-08, 08:55
Yes, KR, I'm sure you're right. I'm no expert in Welsh (tho' I do have a strong interest in languages) - it's just that I recalled from a recent holiday that it's local name wasn't Anglesey, so I wondered why it hadn't been given both names in the way the other Authorities had.