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Pippa Doll
08-06-08, 16:56
I try to sort out some loose ends on my Waterfield tree after yesterday's little upset.

Anyway William Waterfield born about 1802 in Mansfield married Sarah Clayton born about 1800 in Mansfield. Now I have found 2 sons for them Henry born 1828 who is my direct ancestor and James baptised in 1823 who died in 1825.

I still can't find any other children for them which I find odd?

08-06-08, 17:53
There's a submitted one on the IGI for Mary christened 21 Jul 1822 Mansfield - but I wonder why there is no extracted record for her? I could check it when I go to the Notts Archives if you like, Pippa?

Have you got them on the 1841 census with any more children?

08-06-08, 17:55
Oh, I should have guessed - Mary is a Waterfall on the extracted record! And it does say parents William and Sarah for her.

Pippa Doll
08-06-08, 17:59
Oh thats about right. I can't see her on the 1841 census though....

08-06-08, 18:32
Parents William & Sarah Waterfield (Waterfall)

Mary Waterfall baptised 21/7/1822 St Peter, Mansfield, father's occupation Stockinger - living Newgate Lane

James Waterfield baptised 17/10/1823 St Peter, Mansfield, father's occupation Stockinger - living Ratcliffe Ga

Henry Waterfield baptised 20/6/1828 St Peter, Mansfield, father's occupation Stockinger - living Ratcliffe Ga

08-06-08, 18:36
Mary Waterfield buried 9/9/1822 St Peter, Mansfield, - living Ratcliffe Gate - daughter of William & Sarah.

James Waterfield buried 5/3/1825 St Peter, Mansfield,- aged 1 - living Ratcliffe Gate - son of William & Sarah.

08-06-08, 18:41
I have also found a William Waterfield baptised 29/11/1802, St Peter, Mansfield, son of Thomas & Hannah.

Joseph baptised 27/8/1804
Jane baptised 12/4/1798

Pippa Doll
08-06-08, 19:15
Thanks Wendy. I still can't Mary after her baptism which is a shame.

08-06-08, 19:31
Mary died aged 1 year (see post above)

Pippa Doll
08-06-08, 19:36

Its so odd that they didn't have anymore though as they didn't have TV!