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Lynn The Forest Fan
07-06-08, 08:34
My ggg grandfather John Layzell has long been a brickwall for me. I can't find him in 1841, in 1851 he is c1817 St Osyth Essex and he died in 1860. he was in the Marines but despite a kind member searching Kew for his records, she couldn't find them :(. He married in Derby in 1845, which always seemed strange as it is such a long way from Essex & his father was shown as William Layzell, Labourer.

I put a request on Rootschat a bit ago, asking for a look up on St Osyth PRs, but heard nothing. However, last week I got a reply from a lady saying that she had looked at the PR's but there were no Layzells mentioned. However she then came back to say that she had found a baptism of a William Layzell in Weeley in 1811, parents William & Sarah (nee Purdy) and that she had found 3 other births for William & Sarah as submitted entries in Great Bentley, including one for John Layzell, in 1817! She also had found burials of a 9yr old William & 30yr old Sarah at St Osyth in 1820. It looks like this is my family with John's mother & brother dying in 1820. I have asked a cousin who lives in Chelmsford to check the records for me.

However, whilst checking the details that I wanted my cousin to look for, I did a parent search for William & Sarah on Familysearch, to get the right dates. There were more than one set of William & Sarah Layzells, but the one that stood out were listed as Lassells (a common mispelling) & were in Derbyshire. This couple, married in Derbyshire in 1831 & had 2 children Laura bp St Alkmund & William bp St Werburgh, which is the church where John Layzell married in 1845!

Layzell or variants is not a comman name & is mainly found in Essex & there doesn't appear to be any other Layzells in Derbyshire at that time. so it looks to me as if William, widowed in 1820, moved up to Derbyshire & remarried, another Sarah taking his son John with him. Unfortunately there is no sign of William in 1841, although I have found Sarah & the children in Derby & in 1851, she is listed as a widow. But I certainly think it is a breakthrough!:)

07-06-08, 10:19
wow good for you

Olde Crone Holden
07-06-08, 10:54

Surely the name is a corruption of Lascelles? But I'm sure you would have spotted that anyway.

Sounds as if the wall is shaking a bit....well done!


Christine in Herts
07-06-08, 10:58
Sounds really good. Congratulations!


Lynn The Forest Fan
07-06-08, 11:03
Thanks all. I think that Lascelles is one of the other versions of the name, Familysearch very kindly bring up variations of a name when you do a search, otherwise I would never have picked it up. :)