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06-06-08, 13:05

My 3x great grandparents were Irish and had their first child in Wicklow before migrating to Liverpool in the 1870's. On all the census info they list their POB as Ireland so arent much help, so all i have to go on is the Irish birth of their eldest child. I have MMN from the Irish cert, plus from a couple of the English births too (although with the language barrier the name seems to change a bit).

I am subscribed to the Irish Reasearch website that is slowly putting parish registers online, but im not even sure the denomination of them as i cannot find any baptisms of the English children on the LDS. Im guessing they were RC as my nan is, but her mother was from Jersey so maybe it came from that side.

Is there anything else i can do, except wait for the 1911 census and hope that they put a place of birth on?

many thanks

06-06-08, 14:11
Hi Robyne, I have had the same problem as most of my family are from Ireland,although some of my mothers cousins did put down Dublin and Wicklow,you will find it very hard trying to find were they are from.

06-06-08, 15:10
I hope you don't mind me saying, but you have mothers maiden name, you know where they came from in Ireland, Co.Wicklow, you know more or less when they left and where they went, by Irish standards that's probably better than most already!

Merry Monty Montgomery
06-06-08, 15:37
I hope you don't mind me saying, but you have mothers maiden name, you know where they came from in Ireland, Co.Wicklow, you know more or less when they left and where they went, by Irish standards that's probably better than most already!

That's what I was thinking!

I don't think those born in Ireland were asked to give their actual place of birth within the country until the 1951census :( If you have something more than just "Ireland" on the censuses currently available, then you are lucky!!

06-06-08, 15:43
I only have Wicklow as where the eldest child was born, i have nothing else other than that to go on. im currently waiting for the Wicklow parish records to come online to see if that will give me anything

Mary from Italy
06-06-08, 15:43
I was a bit lucky with one great-grandfather, because it said on his Australian death cert that he was RC and born in Drogheda. There are only two parishes in Drogheda, both of which have been microfilmed by the LDS (though not on the IGI); I got the film for the first one, and immediately found his parents and siblings. Didn't find him, but many of the pages were damaged or illegible, so I expect he's on one of those.

No luck yet with my other great-grandfather; he has a fairly common name, and I only know the county where he came from, not the town.

06-06-08, 15:57
You do not say whether or not last born is born post 1864 or how many children which might help to guage possible marriage date? As BMD state records started in Ireland for RC 1864(a little earlier for Protestant marriages) and you have the maiden name of the person you want as well as parents' names and the County of Wicklow, why do you not get in touch with GRO Dublin or Roscommon to ask for the marriage cert? You may have to pay in Euros which is a pain.

You would only be interested in Parish Records for Ireland pre 1864 for RC BMD and Births and Deaths for Protestant. Marriages for Protestant are state registered from 1845ish.

If only interested in Parish Records then please be warned that only about 20% of Irish Records are on IGI, and most of those are after 1864. RC parish records ie Baptismal Records pre 1864 are still with the Catholic Churches all over Ireland with microfilm copies in Dublin Library whilst Protestant records pre 1864 are much thinner on the ground as these records were lodged at The National Archives and many were lost in the Fore Court Fires. Those that survived are with Dublin National Archives.

Many Parish Records are coming online at a cost of 10 Euros a throw or about £7 but even these sites have poor coverage, but you may be lucky. I see you are waiting for the Wicklow ones to come online.


Have you thought of a holiday in Wicklow, wonderful scenery and food and you should get what you want from Wicklow Library.


Once on their site click on Local Studies to find out what they have. I have found this library extremely useful for many things to do with both Wicklow and Wexford which borders.


Mary from Italy
06-06-08, 15:59
If you have the Irish birth cert of the first child, that presumably tells you where he was born - have you tried looking for a marriage in the same parish?

06-06-08, 16:00
Ive only been able to search via LDS as nothing for Wicklow is online. I thought you could only ask for a search to be done if you knew the date?

06-06-08, 16:08
I asked Dublin RO to search for my Great Grandmother. All the info I had was her name Adelaide Cope, and that she stated she was born in 1865 in Dublin, Ireland on the 1871 census. I aslo knew her father's name was John and he was a soldier, from her marriage certificate. They did a search but did not find anything. I can't remember if I paid anything for the search, as I asked for a marriage certificate at the same time.

I have found a "female" Cope birth on the IGI which would fit, but can't find any other info to prove this until Dublin PRs come on line.

06-06-08, 16:52
You willl probably find that knowng the mother's name and the County is much more important than knowing the actual date, especially as the time frame is so short in your case. You are only going to be asking for a search from 1864 to 1870, so you should get a search, but yes you may well have to pay extra for it.


Have you found your g father's army details? They will be at Kew and will give you all the info regarding birth of children. If born in Ireland then those births are with the Overseas Section of BMD and are now on Find My Past. These service births go back to about 1790ish so you should pick them all up. I found one that way.


06-06-08, 17:18
I don't know who my Great Grandmother's parents are!!! I only know her father's name was John Cope. I know nothing else about him.

06-06-08, 18:22
If John Cope was in the army whether or not he is Irish or English he will have been a member of the British Army. Did he marry whilst in the army in Ireland to an Irish girl and were any children born in Ireland? If he was married in Ireland whilst in the army and children born whilst in the army, any child of this marriage may well be in the Overseas Registrations. When the FRC was open, the books relating to this were found at the back in the Regimental Indexes, but the records can now be found online at FindMypast Overseas Section and it is certainly worth checking these if you have not thought to check them before. All army births and marriages were reported in the regimental indexes. My Great Gandfather was an English soldier serving in Ireland in 1864 when he married my Irish Great Grandmother in 1865 in Fermoy. This marriage was found in the Regimental Indexes, not in the Irish BMD. A daughter was born whilst he was in Fermoy and her baptism was also found in the Regimental Indexes, not in the Irish BMD. Cope is not as common as O'Neill and should be easy to see if there are any in this section for the time frame of your interest.


06-06-08, 18:28
I do not have access to findmypast so can't look on there, and as I have no knowledge of his dob or pob or even who/where/when he married, I have no idea as to where to even start looking.

06-06-08, 18:48
I understand that Find MY Past Indexes to Overseas are searchable for free? Just search for Cope and see what comes up. When I did it, I had no more info than you had, no time frame, nothing. For starters you could look for Adelaide Cope baptised to John Cope going back to 1790ish so time frame unimportant. If the Indexes are not free to search then maybe ask for someone's help on here or consider a small fee to find or not, but at least you will have checked it out. As far as I am concerned it is the first port of a call for anyone in the army.


06-06-08, 19:15
I have just searched on findmypast, and can only search for Cope, no first names etc., and I get two pages of various military indexes which do not make any sense to me!!!!!!!! If I have to pay to view everyone of those indexes in the slim chance of finding my Great Grandmother's birth on there, it will cost me a small fortune.

Thank you for your advice, but as money is tight at the moment I think I will have to forget the Irish side for now.