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05-06-08, 16:03
I am trying to trace my sister-in-laws family and having problems. I just looked at her parents marriage cert again to see if it can give me more clues.
The occupation reads plate layer L.P.T.B. and it looks like the last intial might be Y not sure. does anyone know what this might mean?

vikki brace
05-06-08, 16:08
Platelayer is to do with laying railway tracks. where did the marriage take place?

05-06-08, 16:09
They Married In Lewisham

vikki brace
05-06-08, 16:09
LPTB - stands for London passenger Transport board (aka London Transport)

have a look here


05-06-08, 16:13
Thanks Vikki worked out London and board but could not think of what the p and t stood for
thanks again

Uncle John
05-06-08, 21:04
LPTB started in 1933 and ended with the nationalisation of the railways in 1948.