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Keptin Thedark
05-06-08, 14:13
Afrenoon all,

Wondered if anyone here is a member of origins UK.
Just curious, is it worth the subs?

vikki brace
05-06-08, 14:18
I usually take out a 3 day pass if there are some records that I would like a look at.

I don't think (for my research anyway) it has enough records to justify a full membership, but I do check it regularly to see what has changed and maybe one day it will be of more use to me.

05-06-08, 14:27
Indexing for the censuses is much better than Ancestry, but the search engine is lousy.

Some of the databases -eg the apprenticeship records - are taken from manuscript indexes organised on the soundex principle. All surname variations are grouped together. So you have to work out what is considered the "standard" spelling of a name. Lidbetter, Leadbetter and Ledbeater would all (say) be filed as Leadbeater, Smythe under Smith etc.

Check out what databases they have got. Trinity House Petitions is good for mariners' widows. Kite Runner found a PCC will which did not appear on Documents Online. The new Surrey Wills extracts will be very detailed.

I suspect you would find that a limited sub (72 hours?) would be quite adequate.

Christine in Herts
05-06-08, 15:12
Thanks for these informal reviews. I've look at the site a couple of times and speculated about what it might hold for my research.


Keptin Thedark
05-06-08, 16:58

Pay as you go it is then.