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04-06-08, 18:07
I'm completely stumped here!!! :D

In 1871 Sarah Ann Hone (born 1844 Westminster) is with her parents James and Ann in Mitcham, unmarried, with a son, Walter James Hone, born Croydon, 1870. 10/854/21/4

In 1881, Sarah is still Sarah A. Hone, but is married to Edward Hone, born 1848 Uxbridge, Middx. and living in Mitcham. 11/826/144/27

This seemed a bit strange - Hone isn't a common name, plus they came from Berkshire straight to Surrey, so there was no reason to think Edward was even a relative.

In 1891, the Hones are still playing happy families in Mitcham 12/601/141/31

By 1901, Edward has died and Sarah (having mysteriously morphed in Elizabeth Ann Hone, but we won't worry about that!) is lodging with her children, still in Mitcham. 13/655/160/35

But, there is no suitable birth registered for an Edward Hone
There is no marriage (maybe a bit superfluous if you already have the same name!)
I can't find Edward on 1851, 61 or 71 censuses
There is no death registered for an Edward Hone between 1891 and 1901.

I got one of the kid's birth certs, thinking Edward Hone couldn't have been his "official" name, but Edward Hone it is on the cert.

Does anyone have any ideas???

Mary from Italy
04-06-08, 18:44
I don't have time to search at the moment, but I should think a likely mistranscription might be Stone.

Roger in Sussex
04-06-08, 18:45
Could Edward have gallantly changed his name to spare his lover embarrassment?

04-06-08, 18:47
Are they at exactly the same address throughout? What happened to her parents? Is she with her parents in 51 and 61?

It sounds as if he has taken on her surname for convenience, but why?

Olde Crone Holden
04-06-08, 19:06
I don't think this is exactly the same scenario, as mine only happens once, but...

A whole family vanished in 1871. I knew they must be somewhere, because they were consistently at the same address before 1871 and after, upto and including 1901.

I found the address and there they all were - all with HER maiden surname. Now, her parents and grandparents had also lived at this address, and I can only surmise that the enumerator knew the family, knew they had always lived there, and had a slip of the pen and used her family name instead of her married name. She was definitely married - I have the cert.

But perhaps "Edward Hone" was married to someone else, or otherwise on the run and it suited him to change his name to that of his "wife".


04-06-08, 19:07
She is with her parents in 51, 61 and 71. They vanish after 71, (presumably fallen off the perch) but I haven't gotten round to sorting that bit out yet!

They are living in Mitcham all the time.

04-06-08, 19:12
It's very odd, if he had reason to change his name and become Edward Hone for the last 25 years of his life, which didn't he die as Edward Hone?

Surely, no-one would have been any the wiser?

Mary from Italy
04-06-08, 19:15
It sounds as if he has taken on her surname for convenience, but why?

Could be - my grandmother's sister's husband changed his surname to hers, because he was on the run as a deserter.

04-06-08, 19:18
Hi Bev, I jumped at this because as you say 'Hone' isn't a common name & when I made a start on a friends tree, trying to get her interested, I found that her mother b 1921 Brentford, was a 'Hone'.
I didn't get very far as she was not ready to buy certs but I believe her grandfather was Alfred J Hone & I found a marriage for him in 1915 in Brentford.

Do you think they could be related to your Hones?

Btw, my friend was born in Uxbridge.

04-06-08, 19:22
It's possible Vivienne. My lot started in Berkshire and one line went to Surrey, that's as far as I've got. I've not come across any from Middlesex yet.

Well, other than this one!

Little Nell
04-06-08, 19:38
Edward George Hone birth 1863 Jan-Feb-Mar Uxbridge Middlesex

Young enough to be YOUR Edward's son or nephew?

I think he's the chap in 1871 birthplace Harefield (village outside Uxbridge) with parents Catherin Henry [I think his first name is possibly Nathan!] and Charlotte:

RG10; Piece: 1309; Folio: 14; Page: 20

04-06-08, 20:03
Thanks Nell, just going to look for them in 61.

Little Nell
04-06-08, 23:10
If you can't find any trace of YOUR Edward Hone before 1871, but he insists he was born Uxbridge, middlx, it strongly suggests that he had a different name before that.

Little Nell
04-06-08, 23:27
First available census after your Ed's birth is 1851.
These are all the candidates, Edwards born 1848 +/- a year in Uxbridge. Not many to choose from:

Edward Barnes (parents William, Catherine) abt 1847 Uxbridge Moor, Middlesex,Son Hillingdon, Middlesex

Edward Moross (parents Thomas,Mary) abt 1847 Uxbridge, Middlesex, Son Uxbridge, Middlesex

Edward Norlock (Thomas) abt 1848 Uxbridge, Middlesex, Son Uxbridge, Middlesex
Edward Shappee )Frederick) abt 1847 Uxbridge, Middlesex, Son Uxbridge, Middlesex

Edward Vagg abt 1849 Uxbridge, Middlesex, Grandchild Ston Easton, Somerset

Edward Wright abt 1849 Uxbridge, Middlesex, Son-in-law Cranford,

05-06-08, 10:48
The where/when he was born is always ripe for misinterpretation or downright error - but dying????

There is no death in that name ..... I really don't get that.

............ unless he didn't die, and actually was carted off to prison or whatever sometime between 91 and 01, and his wife just said he died to save face.

I've no idea, but it's flippin' annoying!