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03-06-08, 15:58
Hey everyone

Does anybody know how i can search for deaths at sea in the 1840's and 60's without going to Kew and what sort of information it will give me?


Mary from Italy
03-06-08, 16:26
There are some on FindmyPast. No idea what information they give.

03-06-08, 16:30
Thankyou Mary

Do you know how much it costs?


Mary from Italy
03-06-08, 16:44
Not offhand. Somebody with a subscription may be able to do a look-up for you; if not, you'd have to buy a few credits.

Find My Past (http://www.findmypast.com)

03-06-08, 16:45
Cheers Mary


Elaine ..Spain
03-06-08, 16:47
Deaths at Sea on Findmypast only cover the years 1854-1890

03-06-08, 16:51
I have only one death at sea in 1865 the other two are 1840's so i guess its a kew trip for them.


03-06-08, 18:04
Have you looked on TNA site to see if they left wills? A lot of sailors who died at sea before 1858 have their wills available on there.

Not sure whether there are any marine deaths listed at Kew which aren't available online anywhere already - as well as findmypast, you could try Family Relatives Online, The Genealogist, and British Origins. I'm not sure if these all have some so do check what databases they have before buying credits or subs! But I would have thought a few credits or short-term sub for any of them would have to work out cheaper than travelling to Kew.

I have given up on finding some of mine, though. I don't think that all marine deaths were registered.

Christine in Herts
03-06-08, 18:23
If you know which ships they served in, you might be lucky enough to find the relevant ship's muster or ship's paybook which would say when they died.


03-06-08, 18:56
Im not sure if they left wills but i will look into that.
I know the exact date of death for all of them as on a gravestone in scotland it states the dates and where it happened.

I know that Kew hold deaths at sea from 1835.


Uncle John
03-06-08, 20:43
Family Relatives has the GRO Overseas deaths including Marine Deaths. The indexing is a bit wierd though. I found a death in 1906 quite easily but the mid-19th. century indexes are quite difficult to navigate.

03-06-08, 21:09
Ive absolutley no idea how to search on family relatives but im gonna have a go an see if i can.

Thankyou UJ


Merry Monty Montgomery
03-06-08, 21:16
In the earlier years if someone was lost at sea and the body was not recovered then there was usually no death registered. I have a lot of mariners from Weymouth, Dorset on my tree, and about 50% of the adult men were lost at sea with no body, or of course, if the body was washed up along the coast and they didn't know who it was then the body would just be registered and buried as an "unknown" in that place.

03-06-08, 21:20
Hi Merry

Given that there is a grave for all of them and a date and place of death am i right to assume that there deaths were registered?

Or even if the death wasnt registered, and i have the date of death would Kew still have a record of the ship they were on?


Merry Monty Montgomery
03-06-08, 21:23
Were they buried in the UK?

If they were and they were on a British ship and definitely died at sea and not after the ship docked, then they should be on the Marine deaths lists.

Merry Monty Montgomery
03-06-08, 21:24
If someone died at sea on boad a ship a long way from land they would usually be buried at sea, rather than have a grave on land. Or the grave might just be a memorial.

Just trying to set out different possibilities!

03-06-08, 21:29
Im pretty sure they were on british ships but i think your right about it being a memorial to them.