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Vicky the Viking
02-06-08, 11:23

Seeing Val's photo with the young lady from 1933 reminded me I had this.


the young lad is my dad, born April 1925, and his aunt Alice, born July 1909, so in this photo she would be 22/23. (Unmarried at this time)

Val wish Id never started
02-06-08, 11:26
gosh look at the difference between my prim and proper one and your fashionable one !!!
Think I prefers yours

Vicky the Viking
02-06-08, 11:29
I nearly fell out of my chair when I first saw it, it looks so... DIFFERENT :D

I think she looks younger than her age too.

I think she must have been a bit of a rebel :D

I hope she was dressed up ready to go out, I hate to think what she was up to if this was her normal gear!

Not sure what she did in those days, she may have been in training, she was a district nurse/midwife later, but had moved away from home by then.

Val wish Id never started
02-06-08, 11:36
my daughter was rebel in her clothes ,she wore all manner of clothes with pins in and dog collars , yet she never caused us any trouble.